Congress Needs Its Bacon Back

How to get congress back to its function, writing and passing legislation that serves everyone? This article is interesting in its analysis of congress’ inner dynamics both past and present, what hit me while reading the article was I was lamenting the death of pork just last week, if only as a tool to push negotiations along instead of retreating behind stubborn ideological lines. I think that there are so many avenues to address when it comes to “fixing” congress. First we need to get voter participation out of the ambivalent state it currently resides in, second we need to get money out of our political system, essentially passing a constitutional amendment that overturns both Supreme Court rulings, thirdly we need more diversity in congress, there are far too many millionaires and fourthly, we need to impose a meatier working schedule, they are more off than on and there is too much work that needs to be done to justify their excessive vacation. We think that congress is out of touch with the average American worker, so if we made it possible for our congress to get off the speed dial with Wall Street, Big Oil, Big Agriculture and Big Pharmaceuticals, and speak to ordinary Americans instead, these congress people would finally get a handle on what America’s working class really needs. We have to figure out the best way to eliminate the Beltway’s speed dial, the incestuous relationship between Wall Street and Washington D.C is wrecking havoc on our nation, it has to stop because it effects us negatively on too many levels.
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