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Friday Talking Points — A Weed Screed

Chris, excellent points. I also welcome this turn around with some hope because by toning down the war on weed we will be also weakening the prison industrial system and the inherent racist policies it continues to keep alive. I am sure that the Stop and Frisk mentality that law enforcement had adopted and made […]

Aetna Pulls Out Of Another Obamacare Health Exchange

Isn’t the concept of competition within the marketplace one of the basic tenets of successful capitalism? How is Aetna going to continue being “successful” if it voluntarily withdraws from certain marketplaces? It seems short-sighted in my opinion. Or have their analysts concluded that their business model only yields attractive profits when it is operating within […]

Hate to Spoil the Party… But, There Is No Money for Syrian Attacks

I wrote just yesterday about how much I disagree with the President’s view on the situation in Syria and launching a strike against them because the “red line” had been crossed. However, I didn’t even think to include any mention of the sequester and how in the world can we justify spending money we don’t […]

U.S. Syria Conflict: Intelligence On Chemical Weapons Is No ‘Slam Dunk,’ Officials Say

I am firmly against any unilateral action against Syria. First of all, I think that it was a huge miscalculation on our President’s part to have made any “red lines” in the sand about the use of chemical weapons. Civilian casualties were already at an unacceptable number, but as long as they were killed using […]

Taxpayer Dollars Paid A Third Of Richest Corporate CEOs: Report

So taxpayer investment and entitlements for the corporate side of America is good for the nation, yet investing in our children’s education is a drain on our financial resources? Providing the nation’s wealthiest businessmen with their bonuses and generous pay packages as they explain keeps the talent right where the corporations need them, but how […]

What Happens After We Bomb Syria?

i guess that some lessons just can’t be learned, drawing “red” lines in the sand is certainly one of them, getting involved in civil wars is another, playing the world’s policeman is probably the biggest. Syria has been the province of both Russia and China for so long that I don’t know if the U.S […]

Anti-Abortion Laws Take Dramatic Toll On Clinics Nationwide

Family planning in all of its capacities has serious economic consequences for every woman and her family and to have lawmakers impose their own personal religious beliefs is wrong, plain and simple. What makes me so angry is that simultaneously while these republican lawmakers are legislating anti-abortion measures from their moral high ground, they are […]

Edward Snowden Covered Electronic Tracks, Government Officials Suspect

I have a simple solution. Cease and desist the whole program and the problem is solved, everyone can go home. Snowden did us a favor. Not only did he inform us, but he reminded us that we don’t have to live like this, having our government intruding in our private lives alongside our favorite telecom […]

Government Shutdown Looms As Obama, Congressional Leaders Aim For Budget Deal

At this point, the Republican Party has lost the last bit of credibility it had remaining, they have allowed the tea party radicals to bully them into a corner and I don’t even know why Boehner, Cantor or McConnell stand for it. These three have been around for a while, Boehner was there with Ginrich […]

Why Don’t Republicans Understand the Economy?

How can anyone make a case for the existence of morality within capitalism? Capitalism without restraint is cut throat and brutal, there is nothing inherently good about it. Teddy Roosevelt recognized this as did F.D.R, they may have come from opposing sides on the political spectrum, but they shared the same economic class and they […]