The Congressional Art Of Negotiating Without Any Leverage

How can we decide anything even remotely smart in terms of ISIS and defeating them when our congress cannot even govern their own body politic? How many are in the Freedom Caucus anyway? More to the point, who are these people exactly, the ones who elected those in the Freedom Caucus? The small percentage of diehard conservatives, not the vast majority of Americans, that’s who, and unfortunately for us, 66% of voters stayed home. We are being governed by a sliver of the American people, this sliver do not want government to work, they want to live in tiny little bubbles or at least they think they do and that kind of thinking doesn’t provide for much of anything in terms of a larger society. One of the last acts by former SpeakerJohn Boehner was to provide for passage of the omnibus bill, which will at last increase spending, at least in some areas, and will do something about infrastructure, education and other vital programs, at least that was the plan, until we hit some hiccups thanks to the Freedom Caucus reneging on assurances previously given. This type of roadblock will continue until we get our neighbors, our co-workers and our fellow students out to the polls and we get them to vote at every election, until we seriously do that, we are going to suffer the same ridiculous political woes time and again. We need to elect people who want government to work and who want it to work for everyone, not just as Bernie Sanders says, the billionaire and the millionaires. Go Bernie2016!
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