Monthly Archives: October 2015

Please, White House, Call It Combat in Iraq and Syria

I don’t want our troops to be involved in any further escalation and I bet many others feel the same way. If we would address the root causes of the Syrian civil war as well as the other Arab uprisings then perhaps we could engage in more diplomatic methods such as what is currently being […]

Why Jeb Bush Shouldn’t Have Mocked The French Work Week

Stop making fun of the French you conservative economic policy challenged republicans! I tuned in and out of the debate last night, apparently I didn’t miss much because each time I tuned back in, I heard the same things from different candidates, too many regulations, too much federal government interference, Bernie Sanders is crazy, socialism […]

Democrats And Republicans Are More Similar Than You Think

There is the non-for-profit group called No Labels, started by Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman, their mission statement speaks to this belief, that once you eliminate the labels, people are more often in agreement than not. I like the idea of no labels, but I am leery of Jon Lieberman and Jon Huntsman, though I […]

Jason Chaffetz Moves To Impeach IRS Chief

Where does Chaffetz gets his facts because the I.R.S wasn’t just singling out conservative 501(c)(4) groups, many liberal 501(c)(4) groups were targeted as well in the interest to insure that they were on the up and up. If anyone remembers our civic lesson provided by Stephen Colbert with the help of Trevor Potter, former chairman […]

House, Congress Close In On Budget Deal

What would be smart politics across the board would be to throw out the sequestration cuts as the framework of any budget going forward. We need to rebuild our economy because if you haven’t noticed, our roads are in horrendous shape, our bridges need reinforcement and our tunnels need upgrades. Our congress should get together […]

Weekend Roundup: Advent of the Third Industrial Revolution

I learned of futurist Jeremy Rifkin last year and I found his ideas both fascinating and uplifting. After being exposed to the Republican Party’s agenda for much of the first decade of the 21st century, its message of exclusivity, negativity, scape goating and war mongering, Jeremy Rifkin’s message of construcitve lateral power sharing is a […]

Obama Wants To Limit Class Time Devoted To Standardized Tests

I was fortunate enough to have spent seven years working with preschoolers and up through to the second grade, teaching French, alongside several wonderful classroom teachers. I saw first hand how hard they work, how much they care, the long hours they put in and the pressure they are under to please all of the […]

GOP Lawmakers Want To Make Gun Silencers Cheaper, Easier To Buy

May this bill die a quick and silent death in committee, silencers have no busines being easily obtainable, if your ears hurt wear ear plugs. I have signed so many petitions asking President Obama to do something about gun regulation through executive order, because perhaps in doing so, that would force the congress to come […]

Benghazi Committee Fights Among Itself As Hillary Clinton Enjoys The Show

After reading several times, posts on FaceBook calling for a refund from the Republican Party, I am in complete agreement, the Republican Party should go into their war chest and reimburse the American people for such an irresponsible waste of money and of time. Speaking of time, the Republican Party owes the American people a […]

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

It scares me just how much corporations have retreated from any social responsibility for our society, their employees and their country. I used the word “scared” because I don’t know how we get corporations back to a place of caring and investing in these very important things. Capital and investors have triumphed over labor and […]