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Obama Sends Final Budget Proposal To Congress

President Obama has not disappointed me in the least during his second term, he hasn’t acted as a lame duck president, not at all, and we should be grateful to him for the respect shown by him to the Office and the Seal. His budget is a reflection of his values, so we shouldn’t be […]

How A Prosecutor Managed To Blame A 12-Year-Old For Getting Killed By A Cop

It would be ideal to be able to say “let’s examine each case individually” but we can’t and why do I say this? Each time I read about another African-American shot dead by the police, I have read many other stories of white individuals armed and dangerous being brought in, alive and well. If there […]

5 Ways Democratic Socialism Isn’t What You Think

Words and definitions are important, however we should also examine Bernie Sanders record. I would argue from what I have read about his tenure as Mayor of Burlington, Bernie went beyond the labels and governed practically, capably and compassionately, he was one of the most successful mayors Burlington had had in a long time. If […]

Colorado Banking Case Tests Federal Drug Rules

Should the financial industry have been allowed to bypass all corporate laws and regulations? The answer is no, why should we allow failed federal drug policy dictate future banking possibilities. We need to understand that we decide how we structure our society and we need to communicate very clearly to our elected representatives that our […]

The Story of Lil’ Bernie Is Everything Sanders Stands For

This is a wonderful example of how small businesses can thrive and would thrive with manufacturing sources in our country. The demand is there, we just need to find the political will necessary to reinstitute manufacturing back into our social fabric, what we need to remember though is that the environment as a priority just […]

What Jesus, Mary And Joseph Have In Common With Syrian Refugees

I cannot subscribe to religion, any of them, because the focus is too often on the “other” and their unworthiness. It is sad that Progressives try to use the biblical story of Jesus to show conservative Christians and evangelicals that he too was a refuge, it is sad because it will fall on deaf ears, […]

Oil Prices Have Hit An 11-Year Low, And That’s Exactly What Saudi Arabia Wants

I wonder what the repeal of the 40 year old ban on American oil exports will do to the global markets, will it just drive the price down even further? The Republican Party has been itching to reverse this 40 year old ban and they succeeded at last, but to what end? From what I […]

Why Jon Stewart Fought So Hard For 9/11 Responders

Jon Stewart did what he had to do because he knew that he had the celebrity to force congress’ hand. How sick are our institutions, if we must be dependent on comedians to have to shame our lawmakers into doing the right thing? Money is the corrupting factor in our supposed democracy, our first responders, […]

This Was The Year We Finally Started To Care About Working Parents

Why are we so often late to the family values party? As Bernie Sanders says on the campaign trail, family values represent so much more than what the Republican Party says it does, for Bernie Sanders as for many of us, family values means paid paternity and maternity leave, freedom for women to practice complete […]

Obama To College Students: Keep Protesting, But ‘Don’t Shut People Up’

I love the passion exhibited by these students, fighting for what they believe is respect, justice and dignity, but as youth will sometimes do, they are blinded by their young minds hampered by seeing the world in black and white, having all the answers and feeling everything 150%. I for one wish that my 48 […]