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Hillary’s Hardest Choice (and the Democrat’s Dilemma)

I think that after watching President Obama welcome many of former President Bill Clinton’s team into his inner circle and seeing that Wall Street hasn’t been called to the mat for wrecking the global economy; many on the populist left are leary of more Clinton economics. I would hope that Hillary understands that her husband […]

Hobby Lobby Is Only The 2nd Most Important Decision SCOTUS Will Hand Down Monday

The linked article explains the other case very well, legally I understand why the litigants are suing, they do not want to pay the agency fees to the union even if they are benefitting from increased hourly wages that the union had negotiated for all of the employees, both union and non-union. However I still […]

Obama: Congress Doesn’t Do Anything ‘Except Block Me And Call Me Names’

And of course Mitch McConnell responds to President Obama’s appeal for a working relationship through discussions and give and take, with the Keystone Pipeline and a repeal of the Medical Device tax, a way to help pay for the ACA. Mitch McConnell just showed us why the President has had to deliver executive orders; instead […]

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You’re Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV

Unfortunately for us, the American people and subsequently our role as the electorate, we are being poorly served by the fourth estate in the televised medium. All four networks are corporate entities driven by ratings and profit and have reduced our news programs to entertainment vehicles looking for the loudest and most controversial voice regardless […]

Lawmakers Who Helped Break Iraq Are Angry Obama Hasn’t Fixed It

I think that we, the people, are all war weary; especially when considering that we were led into the Iraq War under false pretenses and there is nothing to show for it except for the fact that we grew our veteran population, subjected these young men and women to years of trauma, injury and death […]

The Economy Just Shrank At Fastest Rate Since The Recession

I would argue that the economy’s deceleration isn’t due to a harsh winter; it is due to a lack of economic policy. The level of obstructionism in our congress has ground any movement towards implementing much needed guidelines to push corporate America into action because clearly when they are left to their own devices they […]

Darrell Issa Slams IRS Over Emails In Tea Party Scandal

This controversy would be averted if more people watched Stephen Colbert, specifically the Peabody award winning episodes regarding his creation of his own Colbert nation superpac and all of the legal requirements and trust me there aren’t many, especially regarding the I.R.S; none of the superpacs ever needed to file with the I.R.S, as Stephen […]

Supreme Court Justices Limit Existing EPA Global Warming Rules

This ruling seems contradictory to the one they handed down a few months ago supporting the E.P.A and its federal powers by having states being held responsible for pollution crossing state lines. Now they are saying that the E.P.A is limited in its scope of power requiring companies to reduce their carbon imprint? I don’t […]

Bobby Jindal Says Rebellion Brewing Against Washington

Governor Bobby Jindal says that the left is trying to silence the religious right, but I have to strongly disagree with his accusation. The left, and I am speaking in general of course, only asks that religion be kept out of our government business and the important part that legislation plays in governmental activity. We […]

Iraq Crisis Offers Biden Timely Vindication

This is why history is so very important; if we looked to history we would see that Iraq and much of the other countries were artificially created by the superpowers of the moment and if we recall the former nation of Yugoslavia, it was only held together by Tito the Fox and only upon his […]