Monthly Archives: February 2013

Framing the Budget Conversation

Chris, excellent article especially when you highlight the fact that the media has not grasped the importance of the White House’s state by state breakdown of what the sequester actually means for everyone as a consequence of republican obstruction and bad behavior. The fact of the matter is that if the tea party hadn’t thumbed […]

Do-Nothing Congress Challenges Record For Low Levels Of Legislation In First Weeks Of 2013

John Boehner continues to state that the house is passing legislation and sending it to the senate; essentially passing the buck because he knows full well that his pieces of legislation don’t serve the interests of the country as a whole, they only serve the narrowest constituency out there; the tea party. I don’t understand […]

350 Economists Warn Sequester Cuts Could Kill Recovery

We need to get away from this mentality that if a C.E.O says something then it must be true. The Fix The Debt gang led by Peter Peterson have hijacked the conversation and spun it to be all about future debt that hasn’t even occurred, these are only projections of one possible future scenario. Why […]

Sequester the Heck Out of National Airport

It would be about time that they experience anything remotely inconvenient and irritating. This reminds me about how coincidental it is that most congress people happen to come into congress at a certain income level and then tend leave much, much wealthier. Recently the media has been all about who started this sequester business, as […]

Sequestration Cuts Loom As Lawmakers Brace For Impact

Republicans often say we need to have an “adult conversation”; well here is an “adult thought”: both party’s come together and say “This was an exceptionally bad idea. We can’t go through with the sequester because it is really cruel to force the American people to live with our mistakes and failures. We are going […]

As Sequester Crisis Looms, Washington Lawmakers Fight Over Nonsense

Basically, we have been watching the republican party morph into a party that hasn’t a problem with taking our country to the brink of disaster and even letting us go over the cliff. The democrats are trying to keep our economy moving along with the idea of pushing all boats up with the rising tide. […]

John McCain Response To Gun Control Pressure ‘Appalling,’ Says Mother Of Mass Shooting Victim

I am curious as to what McCain’s straight talk would offer any grieving mother or father of a murdered child from a mass shooting spree. Is his position one that implies that since his party stands firmly with the N.R.A of the present day; nothing of value, when it comes to providing some degree of […]