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House’s Pro-Medical Marijuana Vote Shocks Even Longtime Supporters

I for one applaud the house for its vote, very good news indeed. This is a great first step in perhaps a start towards dismantling the War on Drugs. What has our War on Drugs produced since the 1970’s? We have a massive private prison system, which I would argue is another tool in our […]

Cutting Back on Carbon

The Republican Party accuses the Obama administration of failing to lead the world in anything; well here is an issue that we should take up and lead with, it would do us and the planet a ton of good. Unfortunately the Republican Party would never allow us to lead in Cap and Trade or alternative […]

Mitt Romney: Obama ‘Needs To Take Responsibility For His Failures’

Jon Stewart had an excellent segment about the horrendous state of affairs that the Veteran’s Affairs finds itself in, not just now, but historically ever since the Civil War. In my opinion his segment underscored the saddest thing of all; that this is nothing new. President Obama should have made the veterans a greater priority […]

One Year After Obama’s Big Drone Speech, Many Promises Left Unkept

I wish that we would just scrap the entire drone program; it is one of the worst technologies introduced into the theater of combat. It dehumanizes killing, it doesn’t lessen civilian risk and it renders killing to a video game like mode of execution. There is nothing positive about the drone program from where I […]

Civil Liberties Endure Nightmarish Week In Congress

We not only lost the lives of so many loved ones on that horrific day; we lost our freedoms at first deliberately, but now it seems that our fear has become entrenched legally and psychologically. Since when did we let catastrophes define us in such a negative manner? There has to be a way to […]

Senate Democrat Calls For Bringing Back Gun Control Bills

We need to do something and I think that Senator Blumenthal is onto something with his idea of tying it in with access to mental health resources. I am sure that the Republican Party as a whole can at least find some semblance of a backbone and stand up to those who are on the […]

Veterans Groups Rip Into Sen. Richard Burr For Questioning Their Priorities

Where is the sensitivity towards the plight of veterans everywhere? What was Senator Burr’s imagined outcome to his ill-worded attack against these veteran’s? I don’t understand the republican party’s outrage because historically they have starved the veteran’s administration of much needed funds; just how often in the past two years have they filibustered many democrat […]

House Directs Pentagon To Ignore Climate Change

This bill is precisely why the democrats must not lose the Senate in November, because though this bill easily passed through the House, it will go off to the Senate and go away; however, if the Senate turns red in November, all bets are off. Just the other day I was thinking that even as […]

It’s Amateur Hour With The Benghazi Select Committee

In response to the well measured critque of the entire Going to War against Libya and that the Benghazi tragedy may well be a result of that action; while I do most certainly appreciate this critique, the Republican Party as a whole cannot embrace this critique because this line of thinking goes aganist the hawks […]

Alison Lundergan Grimes Dodges Questions On Obamacare Vote

Grimes obviously needs to present her message in ways that her fellow Kentuckians will resonate with; the facts on the ground make it clear that their state health care exchange is extremely popular and that is only possible due to the Affordable Care Act brought forth by the hard work of the Democratic Party. She […]