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Mitt Romney’s Popularity Spikes Among Women Voters

I don’t put much stock in polls because at the bottom of the report there is always a + or – 3 to 5 points deviation that is allowed for, so you can go either way with Romney’s approval ratings, they could be actually lower while President Obama’s could be higher. I would have been […]

Mitt Romney Is the Inequality Candidate

The difference between what happened in the aftermath of the Great Depression and what is happening now after our present day Great Recession/Depression Lite is that the 1% are forewarned thus forearmed. Progressive economists such as Paul Krugman and Joseph Stiglitz rely on historical data to offer solutions and remedies to insure that the outcomes […]

‘Fox And Friends’ Anti-Obama Video Could Double As GOP Ad [UPDATE: Fox News Issues Statement] (VIDEO)

Why are the folks at Fox and Friends even bothering to take down the video? Everyone knows that Fox news isn’t news, it’s the extreme right wing t.v channel that airs all of its political and economic views to misinform and inculcate their audience into voting republican even though it is apparent to the rest […]

Romney’s Ridiculous Double Standard Presents Gigantic Opening for Obama

Excellent points Chris, I hope that someone from the Obama campaign is paying attention to your blog. Romney also highlights, inadvertently I think, the positive role that government can play in the economy when there is a financial crisis. You can’t wait for the winged fairies of the free markets to magically create jobs, the […]

Tom Barrett Campaign Flooded With Calls After Spam Text Messages Label Mayor ‘Union Puppet’

Sadly given Walker’s track record, it is practically impossible to give him or his campaign the benefit of the doubt. Everyone knows that this recall election is huge, not just for the state of Wisconsin, but nationally as well. It’s a public referendum on unions rights, workers rights and collective bargaining and a repeat of […]

Beto O’Rourke, Marijuana Legalization Supporter, Beats Rep. Silvestre Reyes (UPDATE)

The day that the U.S government wakes up and calls off its war on drugs, I strongly believe that the streets will be safer, there will be less violence, less guns and more money available to invest in our children in ways that matter such as academically and nutritionally. The police departments and our correctional […]

What Did Obama Mean by Change?

Cenk, I understand your frustration with how things haven’t “changed” in Washington D.C but I really feel that you and many other progressives fail to fully appreciate the width and depth of the republican bloc wall that was erected against President Obama since day one. Regardless that Dodd-Frank isn’t as strong as you like, the […]

There’s a Sleeper in the Reform Law That Could Transform U.S. Health Care

This is solid good news and it reinforces what I have been hoping that would happen in the long term with the Affordable Patient Act, that small parts of the overall legislation would become very important to Americans as users of health care that eventually it would evolve, pretty much the way social security did […]

Obama Campaign Targets Romney Over Trump ‘Birther’ Conspiracies

This article inadvertently highlights many of Romney’s failings, first his innate inability to take a stand for anything. When Romney was Governor of Massachusetts he proposed using the power of government to green light green technology industries, granted within his capacity as Governor withing the realm of states, but still using tax payer dollars. Same […]

Why Edward Conard Is Wrong About Income Inequality

The source for the anger about our income inequality problem isn’t, as most republicans would have us believe, that the rest of us are angry about how wealthy the 1% are or the gap between them and the rest of us. The source of the anger is that the only rising income is for the […]