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Let’s Run Government Like a Business — Or Not

I really appreciate this article, it highlights the absurdity of the conservatives rhetoric regarding their criticisms of government and its administrative capabilities. I will forever blame Saint Ronnie for his successful demonization of all things government. His immortal words “government is the problem” has lingered and poisoned the conversation to our detriment. We need to […]

Big Lie: America Doesn’t Have #1 Richest Middle-Class in the World… We’re Ranked 27th!

I don’t understand how middle class and working class republicans can still defend the tax breaks and the policies that are written exclusively for the wealthy. Moreover how these same middle class and working class republicans can turn their fury and economic frustration against the progressives when all that the progressives want to do is […]

Obama Administration, Congress Intensify Opposition To Global Generic Drug Industry

Stop capitalizing on people’s misery and suffering! Wasn’t it Jonas Salk who refused to patent the polio vaccine because he believed the world deserved and needed the vaccine instead of his bank accounts getting inflated through profit while children became paralyzed? The pharmaceutical companies predictably state that without their patents, they cannot do their research. […]

Rick Perry Calls Second Special Session To Pass Abortion Restrictions

I seriouly don’t understand how a party such as the Republican Party who continuously decries government intervention in the daily lives of people and who works very hard to pass legislation making it extremely difficult to get ahead if you are poor or a part of the growing working poor population can display so much […]

Supreme Court DOMA Decision Rules Federal Same-Sex Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

I’m relieved by the news because this ruling is the only positive one to come out of this court so far. It will be interesting to see the conservatives reactions on the hill. At least we will save some federal dollars by not being obligated to defend straight marriage any longer as Boehner wanted, I […]

The Long Road to Societal Change

I read Lea Lane’s, a fellow blogger, viewpoint over Paula Dean’s racist remarks just yesterday and she has a completely different take on what she described as a fellow southern older lady behavior. Lea Lane described her own experience during the similar time period and she was crossing the barriers instead of standing at the […]

Texas Abortion Bill: Republican Lawmakers Approve Tough New Restrictions

I don’t understand that in the midst of long term unemplyment and other concerns that affect the middle class and working classes, the legislators are devoting their energy trying to make women health issues that much harder to deal with and I find that to be unconsionable. Governor Rick Perry’s vendetta against Planned parenthood has […]

Chuck Schumer Sees Damaged Relations With Russia Over Edward Snowden (VIDEO)

What I find interesting is that while we are concentrating on Snowden, Wikileaks, and Bradley Manning; there is the U.K who is eavesdropping on their foriegn allies, China is doing its own cyber spying and basically everyone is listening in on “private” communiques. Nothing has changed in the world, it’s just different technology that makes […]

Mitch McConnell: Citizens United Amendment Is An ‘Absurd Proposal’

From what I understand the American people in many states such as MA, are already voting to have their desire to have Citizen’s United overturned be included on their states ballots and it will only be “absurd” politicians such as Mitch McConnell who would stand in the way of doing the people’s will. I would […]

The Economy Is Recovering, But the People Aren’t

I will say with confidence that the conservative economic policies and philosophies that have guided our country since about Reagan’s time have had devastating implications and the impact will still be felt for years down the road even if we course corrected tomorrow. Thirty solid years is a long time to wreak havoc and Reagan’s […]