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Obama Student Loan Speech Signals Renewed Battle With Republicans Over Interest Rates

What is demanded of students to pay for their college education is unconscionable, we are starting young people off with quite the sizeable disadvantage. Moreover in this job market, finding employment without a college education is similar to finding a four leaf clover, unless you are willing to wait tables for a living or work […]

What I Would Have Said to Eric Holder

Excellent article as usual Chris. I agree with you that Mister Holder should be asked to leave, he has since his tenure started, been targeting the wrong entities and people. Instead of pursuing journalists and medical marijuana, he should be going after the banks that are too big to fail and their criminal enterprises. The […]

Michele Bachmann Retiring From Congress In 2014 (VIDEO)

I am very happy to see Michele Bachmann retire, her brand of persecution and conspiracy theories did far more harm than good. She, along with her other Tea Party allies, redirected too much of our congress’ time and our taxpayer dollars to issues that weren’t real. Moreover her attempts to malign our President with accusations […]

The NRA’s End: A Real Gun-Control Movement Has Arrived

I really enjoy what David Letterman is doing with his nightly “Stooge of the Night”; calling out every politican who voted against background checks despite the high percentage of voters who wanted it done and then he announces just how much they each received from gun lobby groups. You would think that this information would […]

Immigrant Who Met Obama: ‘You’re Dealing With Human Lives’

There are quite a few aspects to the immigration issue that contradict themselves, you have the tech industry pushing for more work visas to get a workforce from overseas who would be ready to accept lower pay rather than tapping into the long term unemployed population here at home who have the necessary skills and […]

Paul Krugman: Conservative Movement Allows ‘No Room For Independent Thinking’

I find that conservatives tend to search for blame, seem to be very suspicious, seem to have quite a bit of anger issues, need to judge others in relation to themselves and are very aware of material possessions and who is deserving of them or not. As a political movement, these characteristics would lend themselves […]

Obama Forgets To Salute Marine, Awkwardly Makes It Up To Him

There are so many criticisms over the salute; when to give them, who to salute, how to salute. If I were the marine, given the responsibility of guarding my President, I would be touched that despite everything going on in the world and on my President’s plate, that my President realized his oversight and turned […]

Nancy Pelosi Blames George W. Bush For IRS Scandal

What I would like to see happening right now is instead of trying to find someone to blame like they used to do back in medieval days “who’s to blame? It had to be a witch! Get her, get him!”. We should be focusing on the crux of the controversy, Citizens United and the creation […]

Ted Cruz: ‘I Don’t Trust The Republicans’ (VIDEO)

I don’t trust senator Cruz with any decision regarding our state of the union. I find it curious that some tea party activists accuse institutions for higher learning to be conclaves of liberal ideology and then Harvard graduates someone like Ted Cruz, go figure. We keep hearing doomsday rhetoric from the extreme right about deficits […]

Rand Paul Appeals To New Hampshire GOP, Urges Diversity

Rand Paul’s words are easy to say, not so easy to live by, for many conservatives, at least that is what I think given what I have seen recently. Their actions within their conservative circles show that they aren’t ready to embrace all races, genders and creeds. Their immigration bill is being gummed up by […]