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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 5 Male Justices Have A ‘Blind Spot’ On Women’s Issues

Ruth Ginsburg made the right decision in staying, not only would her departure leave women and minorities even more vulnerable, but our congress would not approve anyone comparable to her anytime soon. Ruth Ginsburg may be in the minority, but she is never silent and we need to continue to hear her words of wisdom. […]

Bobby Jindal Is Being Sued By His Own School Board Over The Common Core

Governor Jindal’s overall policies haven’t made being a Louisiana resident any easier and this latest controversy over education, so late in summer, isn’t helping students or teachers any; September is just a blink of an eye away. Education is a tough subject to tackle because even the “experts” do not seem to agree over policies, […]

Gaza Power Plant Attacked By Israeli Tank Fire, Knocking Out Electricity To Gaza City

Yesterday I had a chilling thought, is Israel trying to wipe out the Palestinians for good? If they aren’t, they are doing a frightening imitation of what a stronger power does to its enemy when it has that enemy cornered from all sides with no way out. I don’t have any answers, many of our […]

Ted Strickland Tried To Live On The Minimum Wage For A Week, Ran Out Of Baloney

I applaud former Governor Strickland for his participation in the challenge; now if we could see more republican lawmakers take part in the challenge, I think that we would see some more compassion from their side. Which brings me to Paul Ryan, his latest proposal ties sanctions to aid and his justification for putting sanctions […]

Republican Voters Want To Impeach The President. Good Luck With That.

Well I must say this for the Republican Party, all of these attacks and threats against our President have resulted in a lot of fact checking and civic history lessons, which is a good thing for the American people to be educated on some and reminded of in others. Again, I have to state that […]

Feds Failing To Act On Antibiotic Resistance Despite Grave Threat, Health Advocates Warn

Why is it so difficult to get the idea of serious food safety in mainstream consciousness? These two republican judges aren’t the only ones to judge for corporate interests and that in and of itself is so frustrating. The link between “superbugs” and excessive, irresponsible use of antibiotics has been established in a lot of […]

Don’t Worry, Republicans Are Still Working On A Plan To Replace Obamacare

If the Republican Party truly had a desire to put their own ideological stamp on health care policy at the federal level, we would have seen something by now. The impression that I get is that as an ideological issue, the Republican Party has no interest whatsoever in adopting any type of national health care […]