Monthly Archives: January 2013

We’ve Always Played Politics With Immigration

Sadly the American dream has always been one of mine, not yours. “Go away and find your own other land that you can conquer I got here first.” It is the height of irony or bad manners to deny other immigrants what your own family of immigrants enjoyed, politics and power aside. I doubt the […]

NRA: More Gun Control Not A Serious Proposal

I seriously believe that we as a country have a problem when the mere suggestion of comprehensive background checks, a two week waiting period for a purchase, closing the gun show loopholes and making it illegal to have military grade weapons and high capacity clips, produces such outrage as Wayne LaPierre demonstrates against President Obama. […]

Harry Reid: Replace Sequester With Alternative Spending Cuts And Tax Hikes

I would love to have the Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Gas subsidies done away with and instead put those subsidies into wind, solar and other alternative energy research. Moreover I would love to stop all subsidies to Big Agriculture and concentrate the help towards the family farmer and encourage them to diversify their crops, […]

So Long, Sarah

Sarah Palin was for me , the embodiment of the Mean Girl. Those high school girls, who emerged as the social arbitrators of what is cool and what isn’t, Sarah Palin was that for the republican party. So Sarah, like those Mean Girls, grated on my nerves because there wasn’t any real meaning to her, […]

Paul Ryan: Hillary Clinton Would Have ‘Fixed This Fiscal Mess’ (VIDEO)

This is the cowardly way out. If Paul Ryan were really genuine in his desire to address the nation’s fiscal issues, he and his colleagues would find a way to work with President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Bernie Sanders and Chuck Schumer. Paul Ryan likes to speak of straw men, well there you have […]

An Unconstitutional Two-fer

First I’d like to say that I am so happy that Congressman Grayson is back, our congress needs all the help that it can get right now. Secondly, it has gotten so very bad for the remaining mainstream republicans out there. Last night on Real Time with Bill Mahr, there were two republicans plus Howard […]

Hillary Clinton Turns The Tables On John McCain’s Benghazi Grandstanding

I don’t quite understand why the republicans are treating the unfortunate tragedy that happened at Benghazi as a singular event. I really don’t recall this amount of brow beating and teeth gnashing over similar tragic attacks on many other embassies and consulates during the remaining years of the Bush administration. I especially don’t understand how […]

Friday Talking Points — Obama’s Second Inauguration

Great points Chris as usual. Everything that I have been reading regarding the republican party and their internal dynamics keeps highlighting the fact that they are not really engaging in self-examination as a political party out of step with the electorate. No that would be too easy, they are approaching this problem in terms of […]

What Is a Liberal?

I think that the central tenet would be the one that says “Liberals believe individuals should doubt their own truths and consider fairly and open-mindedly the truths of others. This is at the very heart of liberalism.” Herein lies the line in the sand that separates us from conservatives and why I think that two […]

JPMorgan Chase Trying To Block Shareholder Vote On Breaking Up Bank

I sincerely hope that the Union’s proposal is allowed to be voted on by the shareholder’s and I would be ecstatic if the shareholders went forth and demanded that JP Morgan Chase be broken up so that the vampire squid could then feed upon itself, much the same way it has fed on others. That […]