Big Insurance’s Health Care Scam for the Holidays

Shouldn’t profit and health care insurance be counter-intuitive in a sense? We speak about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and yet we are supposedly okay with putting a price tag on health care concerns. We have allowed health care insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies the license to put profit in front of humanity and unfortunately this is nothing new, our nation has tried for over a century to put in place some type of universal health insurance coverage, but until our President spent his first term getting it done, every other President failed. I sincerely hope that the affordable Care Act is simply a stepping stone for our eventual adoption of Medicare for All under the Bernie Sanders presidency. Moreover with Bernie Sanders intent on getting major corporations to pay their fair share in taxes, we won’t be seeing mergers like the one in the works between Pfizer and Allergan, all in the name of pharmaceutical market domination and dodging taxes at the same time. We have laws on the books to prevent monopolies and market share manipulation however the Republican Party looks the other way when it comes time to enforce those laws. Our government is capable of doing the important work we require of it, however we need to be smart at election time. We need to elect better legislators and next year we need to put a progressive in the White House. Bernie2016.
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