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Why Remaking The Modern Republican Party Is So Damn Hard

Be careful what you wish for Republicans. The comeback that got the Democratic Party back in the game resulted in Bill Clinton and his NAFTA treaty which killed a lot of manufacturing jobs for Americans, it also brought about the complete demise of Glass-Steagal and he signed the futures commodity act which deregulated all commodities […]

The State of the Union Address — Taking the Longer View

I would venture that all of this talk of American Exceptionalism is ironically holding us back. Instead of admitting that we need to do a lot more in terms of bringing back manufacturing to our shores, getting our nation back to full employment, making the choice to feed those less fortunate instead of filling the […]

GOP Response To State Of The Union Missing Key Words: Repeal Obamacare

What I loved about McMorris-Rogers statement “Republicans believe that health care choices should be yours, not the government” is that she said that on the day the house voted for an anti-abortion law making it even more difficult for women to make an already difficult choice given their individual circumstance. I read the republican’s version […]

Working on Empty: America’s Workers Are Spending Down Savings to Survive

Speaking from experience, right after the Great Recession, we were forced to live off the nest egg because employment was extremely difficult to come by, today employment isn’t the issue; however, coming back from such a severe deficit is and will continue to be a very tough challenge., especially with college age children, older parent […]

Republicans Decry Obama Plans To Bypass Congress To Advance Agenda

Normally I would say that our President should work at achieving consensus within congress before resorting to executive orders, but I specify the word normally. Our congress is not normal. The only exception to what I just wrote is the TPP, I do not want that Fast Tracked in the least and for this exception, […]

Why There’s No Outcry Posted:

A good place to start is for everyone to dig up their history books and remind themselves of the unions labored history, the numerous bloody battles it took them to get forty hour work weeks, child labor done away and collective bargaining as an established tool for all workers, once we have all refreshed our […]

Mike Huckabee Makes Epic Flip-Flop On Birth Control Coverage

What I find interesting with Huckabee’s shifting narrative on government’s role in a woman’s reproductive rights is that when he was Governor, he was reacting to the practical applications and real world implications of the state versus religious beliefs and now that he is a commentator and a pundit, maybe looking towards a place in […]

Mike Huckabee Raises Specter of Holocaust In Warning Tea Party To Back Off Purity Tests

I find Huckabee’s comment “devalue people” very interesting, in light of the fact that the Republican Party has for the past few years devalued the poor, the immigrants, the minorities, the unemployed and women. Moreover it is Huckabee who just yesterday in his speech about women and their”libidos” had the interesting view that it was […]

U.S. Likely To Hit Debt Ceiling Sooner Than Believed

The constitution says it in black and white, the United States will honor all debt obligations, there isn’t any way to wiggle out of it, there isn’t an implication of, say only paying what you feel like, it is all of our debt obligations. The Republican Party is fully aware of this and they have […]

There Are 85 People Who Are As Wealthy As Half The WORLD, Oxfam Reports

I was thinking about it the other day and it occurred to me that for the income inequality to stay at a minimum, it requires a tremendous amount of work, commitment and mindfulness. Throughout the ages, there have been massive amounts of wealth concentrated at the top and the key to keeping the society calm […]