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Health Plan Costs For Obese And Smokers Could Rise After Supreme Court Ruling

Initially we would see smokers and those who are obese perhaps paying higher premiums or penalties but if access to preventive medicine and wellness visits becomes the norm, these trends might be reversed. Habitual annual doctors visits should start to have an effect on finding problems early on before they become unmanageable and that in […]

‘The Broccoli Horrible’: Ginsburg Shreds Roberts

Ruth Ginsberg, in her argument has perfectly defanged the substance of the analogy between car insurance and health insurance, I can only hope that in the domain of law, attorney’s can use her dissent against Robert’s reasoning as a valid argument in future cases. I have been confused as to why private health insurance companies […]

Friday Talking Points — Obama Cares

Chris, superb article. I’m sure that you have heard about all the republicans tweeting about leaving America in disgust over this and heading for Canada. I agree with you, that President Obama and his fellow democrats have to take this victory and with confidence inform the American people as to what positive implications Obamacare will […]

Hate Obamacare? Don’t Worry, Here Are Some Countries You Can Move To

I had such a good laugh over the tweets,some should be kept in the forefront to illustrate what communism doesn’t mean or what it means, whichever approach would work best to properly educate the rest of us on how not to think. It scares me that there are actually people who do not understand that […]

Eric Holder Contempt Resolution Over Operation Fast And Furious Passes House

After reading the excellent piece of investigative journalism over at Fortune magazine, this whole Fast and Furious debacle is a waste of our tax payer money and our time. The whole case began with a disgruntled “whistleblower” and snowballed out of control once it got into the hands of the powers that be on Fox […]

Popular Vote Speculation Interlude

Chris, I don’t know about the national popular vote. I read somewhere years ago that the founding fathers purposely put the electoral college in our system as a fail safe against an uninformed electorate and in the 1800’s weren’t there a few elections that were determined by congress? At the rate that this country is […]

Mitt Romney Promises Economy ‘Resurgence’ If Elected President

On Face the Nation this past Sunday, Eric Fernstrom said the same thing; that Romney put forth a 160 page report of what he would do, that is all fine and dandy but for the majority of Americans who are working either two jobs to make ends meet or are working incredibly long ours and […]