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Bill Magwood, NRC Democrat, Is ‘Treacherous, Miserable Liar’ And ‘First-Class Rat,’ Says Harry Reid

Senator Reid, I am glad that you stand by your Yucca Mountains now keep showing that backbone for the unemployed, those who have stopped looking because businesses don’t hire the unemployed anymore, it has become a job market of head hunters, horrible opportunities for your average worker. If all the democrats could show that passion […]

Romney: Not Wimp But Weasel

Chris, I couldn’t agree with you more. Everything about his campaign screams weasel, from his utter disdain for truth telling, I don’t know if his campaign has employed a single fact in its correct context since Romney decided to run and I’m not only speaking about the negative campaigning against President Obama but also in […]

Mitt Romney: United States Has ‘Solemn Duty’ To Block Nuclear Iran

Listening closely to Romney’s rhetoric both during the primaries and after reveals that Romney is strongly pushing for a Bush/Cheney do-over. Under Romney management, the United States will lose even more tax revenue thereby bankrupting any social insurance program now available, the military budget would increase, government funded research and development would dry up, public […]

Mitt Romney Comments At Fundraiser Outrage Palestinians

I am sure that Jared Diamond, the author of Guns, Germs and Steel, would be quite dismayed that someone would completely mischaracterize his book on the campaign trail. Romney apparently doesn’t have the open mind required to appreciate Jared Diamond’s scholarly efforts. The underlying theme throughout the book is that man became successful mainly through […]

With a Small Tweak, Obama Can Win the “Belt-Tightening” Argument

Paul you are absolutely right that economic messaging is essential to getting good economic policy but I don’t understand how the myth that the republicans are the responsible frugal political party has endured. We have thirty years of historical data to show that republicans are in effect the party of big spending and I would […]

Friday Talking Points — Going For The Gold

Excellent satire Chris! I hope that the democrats will learn from Harry Reid’s strategy in producing good results and a good bill and continue to practice smart governance. It is frustrating that there are many good ideas and plans and yet the democrats seem to get themselves hamstrung in the execution and follow through. They […]

Mitt Romney Olympics Gaffe ‘Insulted Everybody,’ Harry Reid Says (EXCLUSIVE)

What does this say about our country, that our republicans can’t even get it right with nominating a competent potential leader, they nominate someone who refuses to present himself honestly to the American people for a thorough examination of his character and his principles. Moreover he goes on a foreign diplomatic reconnaissance trip and manages […]