Monthly Archives: February 2014

House GOP Votes To Take ‘Consumer’ Out Of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Seriously can the Republican Party be any less shy about who they really represent? Teddy Roosevelt himself recognized that the American people needed the government on their side to redress the balance of power between the consumer and big business. He, being a member of the wealthy class, knew full well how much power was […]

Here’s Why Democrats Don’t Trust Obama On Trade

I hope that the democrats all stand strongly together and and do not vote yes on Fast Track. I realize that this is important for President Obama, but this reminds me of President Clinton’s victory dance over NAFTA and see where that led us. This treaty is being described as NAFTA on steroids, essentially the […]

5 Ways Your Life Is Going To Change Because Of Obamacare

For all of the complaining and criticizing, I think that our President did a courageous thing when he used his first two honeymoon years to push through the ACA. It is far from perfect, but it has now put us directly on the path of accepting and embracing healthcare as a right and not a […]

Anderson Cooper Demolishes Arizona Politician Supporting Homophobic Bill

Kudos to Anderson Cooper! His systemic dismantlement of any logical progression to the Senator’s thought process was priceless. I especially appreciated Cooper’s example of unwed mothers and religious discrimination, in light of the recent movie Philomena; it wasn’t so long ago that unwed mothers had their rights abrogated all in the name of religion. The […]

America’s Cruel Political Math — Where the Working Poor Equal Less Than Zero

I should clarify that I am a progressive so my view is most assuredly as left as you get. All that I ask for is that we embrace opportunity, possibility and differences in our society; the way that it ought to be. I would have thought that by the 21st century, we would have evolved […]

Mitt Romney, Chris Christie To Appear Together At Fundraiser

I think that part of the reason that there is so much blowback from the BridgeGate scandal is due to who Chris Christie is as a person and a politician. He has conducted himself as a bully during town hall meetings and in my opinion that is unnecessary, distasteful, disrespectful and has no place in […]

‘The Wrong Side of History’

Historically, it seems that the South has always been anti-union, I am not entirely sure why, is it a culture thing or a class thing? I would think that after having their economy upended by the abolition of slavery and the devastation of the Civil War, that they as a region, would have wanted to […]