I am taking a much needed break from politics

I am writing this with sadness in my heart, because writing about politics is a passion of mine, but I wanted to let my readers know that I didn’t make this decision lightly. As some of you know, I have incurable squamous cell carcinoma, this election was of such consequence to the well-being of the Affordable Care Act, I have been insured using the Affordable Care Act exchange marketplace, so you can imagine how devastating it has been to read the news everyday since November 9th, most of it revolving around the death of the Affordable Care Act and all of its protections for very sick people. We as a nation, because of a few hundred thousand votes in key states, turned our backs on aspirational policies such as infrastructure investment, research and development, climate change, Alzheimer’s, cancer treatments and debt-free public college. I am so sad and so angry, I can’t let myself be ruled by those emotions, I have a serious battle on my hands so I am going to concentrate on getting myself through this with whatever clinical trials are available to me before Jan. 21st 2017. 

As soon as I am stronger,  I will return and write passionately about my convictions. Until then, Happy Holidays!


One comment

  1. Take care of yourself and don’t worry! Watch comedies and enjoy life all you can. Thanks for all your insights, now let life’s pleasures comfort you.

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