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Obama Explains Why There’s ‘Nowhere To Go But Up’ After Early Obamacare Troubles

As the glitches get fixed and as more previously uninsured people successfully join the ranks of all the other insured Americans, we may well see the republicans dire warnings come true, that all of these people will be amazed by what health care coverage means for their peace of mind and what it means for […]

Obama, Democrats Head Into 2014 Distant, Determined

think that the democrats as a whole need to have the courage to stand up and speak out loud about their convictions such as how they support the essence that lies within the ACA, that health care coverage must be a right and not just a privilege, that pre-exisiting conditions should not be allowed to […]

Pesky Brother-in-Law: Thanksgiving 2013

I would have to say that anyone who is at my table, is feeling the stress of an economy that is woefully anemic. Each of my table members have been stressing over out of pocket medical bills even while insured and that has nothing to do with the ACA, that has to do with the […]

Thanksgiving, With an Edge

This Thanksgiving I am both angry and sad about the fact that we have lawmakers in power who think nothing of cutting the SNAP program even though it makes children, veterans, elderly and working poor families much more food insecure not only during the holiday season but on a daily basis, all this because these […]

Supreme Court To Take Up Controversial Birth Control Case

I would argue that any employer in a for-profit company who interferes with a woman’s right to healthcare coverage for contraceptive care is violating her right to privacy, to self-determination, to her economic freedom and is pushing unfair burdens on her ability to plan her future responsibly and in accordance with her own personal values. […]

Pre-Thanksgiving Stories — Local Homeless Purges Across Nation

It makes me angry when I hear republican lawmakers speak about our country being a Christian nation and how our values are exceptional, yet they do not have the slightest problem slashing the food stamp prgram, despite the fact that there is little fraud and most of the recipients are mothers, their children, veterans and […]

Iran Nuclear Deal Reached At Geneva Talks

I, for one, find this to be happy news. Diplomacy is winning the day instead of a call to arms. I believe that the Iranian people have been made to suffer for years through the international economic sanctions primarily because they had been subjected to a reactionary and extremist government, they tried to revolt but […]

John Boehner Successfully Enrolls In Obamacare 45 Minutes After He Blogs About ‘Frustrating’ Experience

I know that the media frenzy is all about the glitches, the wait-times and the millions of canceled policies yet Mister Speaker Boehner successfully enrolled after 5 hours. I know that this sounds a bit excessive to most but prior to the launching of the ACA website,when you think of other sites, such as banking […]

Single-Payer Advocates: It Hurts To Say I Told You So

As a resident of Massachusetts and living under Romneycare, I supported the Affordable Care Act since its inception because even though it is a flawed piece of legislation, it is a first step to getting this nation comfortable with the concept of health care coverage as a right. I read an excellent tweet “It took […]

Pat McCrory: We Didn’t ‘Shorten Early Voting,’ We ‘Compacted The Calendar’

Voting should be a right and a duty, such as everyone has to do their civic duty when it comes to participating in jury duty, well it should be everyone’s responsibility to vote. Our votes should not be part of the state legislature’s discretionary powers, it should be across the board, an American citizen with […]