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The 28th Amendment. A New American Revolution?

If we examine the historical record, we will find ample evidence that this fight isn’t new. President Teddy Roosevelt fought very hard against the denaturation of our political process that large sums of money injected into the system caused, consequently harming our democracy. President Franklin Roosevelt was also very sensitive to the dangers of unlimited […]

Congress Acts Swiftly To Avoid Government Shutdown (UPDATE)

I am glad the Republican Party bent to the demands of reality, even if it came about because they are intent on getting home to campaign, and you can’t successfully defend your seat if you allow the government to shutdown again. It’s sad that serious disasters such as Flint, Michigan and the Louisiana floods take […]

Government Shutdown Hinges On Republicans Helping Flint

I support sending federal dollars to Flint Michigan, I defy anyone who doesn’t own their own water source to confidently go through life without wondering how safe their city water is, according to many reports we are all potentially at risk, corporate America is notorious for dumping waste products anywhere they can get away with, […]

Donald Trump Fell For Hillary Clinton’s Trap At Monday’s Presidential Debate

I couldn’t watch last night, the sound of Trump’s voice makes me nauseous and his ramblings give me a headache trying to sort any reason or logic in his word salads, so I waited until this morning to watch the numerous clips and read the transcripts. From what I have seen and read, Trump couldn’t […]

Meet The New Face Of Bernie Sanders’ Revolution

I have been impressed with Zephyr Teachout ever since she burst onto the scene. She is definitely a candidate progressives must support because unlike Jill Stein, who pops up once every four years, Teachout is making sure that she gets into public service in an elected capacity to get her experience and to build relationships […]

The Daughter Of A Man Born A Slave Just Opened The First National Black History Museum

I can only imagine what was going on in Ruth Odom’s mind and heart, being there with her family’s memories and history, standing next to the first African-American President and the First Lady. In all honesty, my imaginings don’t have a tether in reality because as a white person, I don’t have a clue as […]

Friday Talking Points — The Debate Wait

I have to confess I won’t be watching the debate Monday night, it is going to be too stressful, I will be following it on Twitter and then read about it after it is safe to come out from under the bed. I am so nervous about this election, not because of Trump the candidate, […]

Elizabeth Warren Seems To Be Staking Out Her Place In A Clinton Presidency

Senator Elizabeth Warren is proof positive as to the importance of voting period. Presidential elections maybe the sexy vote, but local elections are just as vital, if not more crucial because they impact the populace at the local level. My Senator continues to make me proud, I know she is working on my behalf and […]

Members Of Congress Rip Into Mylan CEO

Rep. Cummings hit the nail on the head when he said that ” It’s time for Congress to act”. As we just saw with Mister Strumph, the C.E.O of Wells Fargo, you can shame all you want, they are being paid the big bucks to endure the shame, they know what to say to get […]

Here’s Why Republicans Are Suddenly Demanding Tougher Bank Regulation

The hypocrisy is sickening, since when does the Republican Party care about the average consumer/worker? The Republican Party’s mantra is deregulate, cut taxes and drill baby drill, to heck with responsibility, accountability and sustainability. Senator Shelby most certainly has gall, to insinuate that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was slow on the uptake, considering that […]