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Fast Track Hits House Next Week; Clinton Must Speak Up

I know where Bernie Sanders stands on this issue; he is completely against Fast Track and both the TPP and TPPIP. He is against all free trade agreements because he understands that free trade is not what it seems. If I remember correctly, when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the initial negotiations for these […]

Friday Talking Points — Double Standards and Hypocrisy

If ever there was an example of how our news media is as divorced from a liberal bias as a Kardasian is divorced from reality, then this is the example. We do not have a liberal media, we have a corporate media and they are not interested in Senator Bernie Sanders or his political positions. […]

Santorum and Pataki Jump In

I am not sure if this crop of republican candidates is better than the field of candidates from 2012. I do not understand why Rick Santorum thinks that he will do better this time around, in just four years we have seen even much more acceptance of LBGT marriage legality and also forward movement on […]

GOP’s Big Government Welfare Reforms

There is something deeply flawed in this line of judgemental reasoning or perhaps classist projecting would be a better term. In order to make the leap that those in poverty are inherently prone to a certain behavior, you must be inclined to think that way in the first place, hence why I use the descriptive […]

Jeb Bush Re-Writes the History of the Iraq War

If the Republican Party as a whole was seriously interested in being reelected to the White House they have to look at the field and ask themselves “is this truly the best that we can do?” There is a vast body of evidence that has been understood as the definitive antidote to storytelling time, however […]

Clinton Foundation Donors Got Weapons Deals From Hillary Clinton’s State Department

Being human is so complicated. I have always believed Hillary Clinton to be a person of high intelligence, logical, reasoned and compassionate for the disenfranchized, primarily women and children. I find it hard to reconcile the person that I believe Hillary Clinton to be with the portrait that the International Business Times paints of her […]

U.S. Military And Civilians Are Increasingly Divided

If we truly want to honor our service men and women, we need to stop and seriously reconsider our foreign policy, our energy policy, our entire raison d’etre, it would be the morally responsible thing to do. Furthermore to properly honor our military, we should reinstate the draft, leveling the playing field so that everyone […]

Despite the Lessons of the Financial Crisis, Putting America’s Economy at Risk Again

Mister Angelides says that he and his team held the belief that we could learn from history, I disagree with his statement because if it were true, we would still have Glass-Steagal in place. That simple piece of legislation worked very well for 40 years, unfortunately our memories fade and we do not take the […]

Why Obamacare Premiums Will Probably Rise More Quickly Next Year

Seeing the headlines splashed across the more conservative publicatons such as the Wall Street Journal “Insurance premium hikes at 50%” made me incredibly anxious, but I should know better than that, a headline is designed to tease and thereby entice purchase. The reasons for the premium hikes laid out by Jonathan Cohn in this article […]

Jeb Bush: It’s ‘Intellectual Arrogance’ To Agree With Scientists About Humans Driving Climate Change

Whatever happened to the Republican Party that believed in Cap and Trade? It seems awfully coincidental that when the Koch brothers started expanding their reach into the political arena, the Republican Party started to veer away from responsible environmental stewardship. I am fairly sure John McCain during one of his presidential runs campaigned on Cap […]