Monthly Archives: November 2014

Obama’s Uneasy Relationship With The Pentagon

Do we ever want a President to have a cozy relationship with the military? I wonder if our President has kept JFK’s lessons with the military during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the back of his mind or if he is trying to not repeat the mistakes that George W. Bush made by embracing the […]

Why The Supreme Court Should Be The Biggest Issue Of The 2016 Campaign

In my mind all of this conjecture over the future confuguration of the Supreme Court points back to the central fact that VOTES do matter. Why is the Supreme Court so vital to our democracy and our rights? They are the final arbiters of what is constituitonal and if they are nominated and confirmed, it […]

How Thanksgiving Is Dividing The Nation In Two

It is easy to wax philosophical and sit on the sidelines passing judgment, but when it is you, who are forced by economic necessity through machinations not of your own doing and policies delivered from on high out of your control, it is near impossible to not be caught in the consumerist maelstorm that is […]

Tensions Flare Between Senate Democrats, White House

If Chuck Schumer would take a few minutes before criticizing and assigning blame elsewhere and look closely at who emerged victorious after the elections, he would see that those who didn’t retreat, those who didn’t give in to cowardice were the ones who won. Al Franken embraced what the Affordable Care Act was doing for […]

Obama To Introduce Sweeping New Controls On Ozone Emissions –

Why is just the idea of having clean air, clean water and clean soil have to be such a battle? It is exhausting because it isn’t just a battle within congress, but also at the judicial branch because we have four conservative activist judges who are happy to do Big Businesses bidding. Thank goodness that […]

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted In Michael Brown Shooting

I am sad to see that the grand jury’s decision has not turned the page on this horrible tragedy. The facts remain that a police officer discharged his weapon 12 times against an unarmed black youth. The police officer may have been frightened, but still to shoot 12 times without being threatened with equal force […]

Ted Cruz Wants To Fight Obama Over Immigration, But He Forgot About One Thing

The issue is simple, congress needs to do its job and our President will gladly roll back the executive action and sign a smart, fair comprehensive immigration bill into law. It isn’t as if our President is the first to issue an executive order regarding undocumented people; we have former presidents Reagan and Bush as […]

Obama Quietly Broadens Mission In Afghanistan

I don’t know what to think about all of these military matters; Afghanistan, drone strikes in both Pakistan and Yemen, airstrikes in Iraq and military advisors. When do we get to say enough already? When I look back at our history after World War II, there doesn’t appear to be a single period in time […]

House Intelligence Committee’s Benghazi Report Torches Conspiracy Theories

I hope that this will at last put the Benghazi tragedy to rest once and for all for most of the nation. I doubt that this will satisfy the tea party republicans, because nothing will ever satisfy them until the day that our President leaves office. I wish that the mainstream news media would report […]

Obama Moves To Protect Millions From Deportation

From my point of view, our President’s actions are reasonable and make for good policy, given that our congress cannot get their act together to legislate on this issue because we have a small band of elected representatives that live their lives dominated by fear and prejudice and they keep throwing monkey wenches in the […]