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Lawmakers Not Too Busy For Fundraisers As Shutdown Looms (UPDATE)

The almighty dollar, the downfall of our political process. If this wasn’t evident before, than it should be a glaring call for campaign reform. Outrageous enough that the tea party republicans are bent beyond reason in their quest to shutdown the government and not pay our bills unless their demands are met, but to have […]

Congressmen Booze As Government Shutdown Looms

It is one thing to have a celebratory drink afterwards but to drink while plotting to defund Obamacare to deprive average Americans the right to affordable health care insurance is insulting and immoral, especially given the fact that these same legislators enjoy health care coverage funded by taxpayers. The saddest part is that many of […]

Friday Talking Points — Ted Cruz: Senator Ham-I-Am

If I were Princeton and Harvard, I would be investigating his academic record and then I would withdraw Ted Cruz’s name from the alumni records because a graduate of two Ivy League schools who does not understand the fundamental moral lesson in a Dr. Seuss book doesn’t deserve their degrees. He was sloppy, incoherent and […]

Republican Leaders Don’t Have The Votes For Their Own Hostage Plan

For a political party consumed with the idea of debt, the Republican Party through its actions is costing our economy a lot of money in lost revenue by sabotaging any hopes of a strong recovery these five years now. We have had quite a number of solid bills addressing manufacturing and infrastructure die in the […]

Government Shutdown 2013: House GOP Considers Options

If President Obama does nothing else during the rest of his second term other than show the tea party republicans, the other republicans and the rest of the country that holding our country hostage by refusing to pay for its bill that the congress had incurred, will not work because he will go the extra […]

Clipping the Wings of Cruz

What do they teach in law school? How to memorize, how to link various points together to produce a strong argument, how to manipulate facts to win your argument, how to find weakness in opposing arguments, how to muddy the waters so that your truth emerges victorious, because the most important lesson, I think that […]

Shootout in the Obamacare Corral, Round 1

All of this brouhaha is exhausting and depressing. The unrelenting display of posturing and temper tantrums by the tea party only confirms that these lawmakers (personally, I don’t think that they deserve that title) should not be in congress in the first place. What have they legislated? All we hear is how bad Obamacare will […]

House Democrats Raise Big Money Off Republican Push To ‘Defund Obamacare’

I would be interested to see how the fundraising donors compare because that would tell us a great deal about how America feels about Obamacare; if as I suspect, the donors on the democrat side are your average taxpayer and the donors on the republican side are more in line with corporate then we have […]

The ‘Ted Cruz Amendment’ to the Constitution of the United States

I wish that we could do something about our horrifically stacked Supreme Court; we have certainly gotten the most corporate thinking, conservative and reactionary Supreme Court ever and it has hurt our democracy badly and for years to come. Who is worse? Silent Thomas, Old Blowhard Scalia or Smooth looking Roberts? I am interested in […]

Obama Slams Republicans For Risking Government Shutdown Over Defunding Obamacare

Forget what the democrats and President Obama are saying, Chris Weigant said it very well in his own post yesterday, the republicans are fighting amongst themselves with this latest ploy to shut down the government and default on our bills over Obamacare. No matter who is saying what, the snark is pretty potent and no […]