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Ohioans Won’t Be Fooled By ‘Car Guy’s’ Desperate Car Lies

What I don’t quite understand is why hasn’t character entered the public discourse at all as a prerequisite for the highest public service office in the land? Personally I find that Mitt Romney fundamentally lacks in character and his whole being is defined by greed and profit and religion. Which when I looked at those […]

Mitt Romney Refuses To Talk About FEMA After Hurricane Sandy Event

After having gone through Sandy’s wrath safe and sound albeit with power loss, I am thankful for two things; Mitt is no longer Governor of Massachusetts and President Obama is our President. He truly understands how important FEMA is to the various states and in MA’s case, the coordination between FEMA and our state’s counterpoint […]

Why This Grateful Woman Is Voting for Obama

I agree with this author completely. I am voting for President Obama because he has an evolved worldview regarding women. Women are more than capable of making their own decisions regarding their reproductive rights and options and do not need input from anyone other than their personal physicians. Women have just as much of an […]

The Drowning Man

I have been simply amazed that after losing two debates, having had his flip-flopping back and forth on every policy become a national joke and his cruel and unusual punishing economic vision for the less fortunate in plain view for all to see, he is still neck and neck with our President. The only thing […]

Trouble In Mitt Romney’s Socialist Hospital Paradise

Romney’s statements and subsequent clarifications regarding emergency room treatment for the uninsured, clearly reveals the extent to which Romney lives in a privileged world and always has been insulated from the unknowns that go hand in hand with being in the lower class. I live in MA so if Romney is elected, the irony is […]

Mitt Romney Hope And Change Message Co-Opts Obama, Central To Iowa Speech

I would never vote for Mitt Romney, I lived through his governorship of MA and I am still angry with the things that he instituted in MA. especially regarding education at every level. He didn’t work well with the democrats, if you call vetoing legislation 840 times working well with others. Romney and his cohorts […]

John Sununu, Top Romney Surrogate, Suggests Colin Powell Obama Endorsement Motivated By Race [UPDATE]

John Sonunu in my opinion is a poor choice for a spokesperson, his prejudicial views lie very close to the surface and come out at the slightest drop of the hat. Whatever party affiliation, Colin Powell deserves respect for his achievements both personal and professional and to belittle his endorsement solely on the matter of […]

Elizabeth Warren Maintains Momentum in Massachusetts, Poll Shows

Elizabeth Warren is my choice for senator, not only is she brilliant, but she is clearly on the side of those who aren’t of the one percent. The Consumer Finanical Protection Agency that she founded has been doing good work on behalf of consumers everywhere and don’t forget that republicans fought tooth and nail against […]

Romney’s vision for us

I firmly believe that Romney’s vision for the United States doesn’t include us, the average American, I believe his vision is really for the investors and the C.E.O’s of this country. I also believe that no matter how hard and how often Romney is trying to be a moderate, once in the White House, Romney […]

Harry Reid On Mitt Romney’s Taxes: I’m His ‘One-Man Wrecking Crew’

I,for one, would love to see Romney’s 2009 tax returns even more than I did before, due to a piece of investigative journalism written by Greg Palast regarding the American automotive bailout and how Peter Singer, head of a private equity firm Elliot Management, took Romney’s investment and other investors to buy Delphi, auto part […]