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The Best Commentary Out Of Baltimore Is Coming Straight From The Mouths Of Its Residents

I am thankful that there are other outlets providing the necessary backstory beyond what Wolf Blitzer and his ilk have been lazily reporting from Ferguson to Baltimore. We cannot sit on our couches and pretend that these riots have come out of nowhere; we must challenge our complacency and our instinctual need to shy away […]

Bernie Sanders To Launch Presidential Campaign

I am very excited to have Senator Sanders in the presidential race. I applaud his fiestiness, his individuality and his indefatigable support and passion for the working people of the United States. Yes I would be thrilled to have a female President, but I would want a President, who very clearly and fundamentally believes that […]

Supreme Court Throws Out Obamacare Contraception Ruling

Since the Supreme Court believes that corporations are “people”, replete with rights to free speech, religious beliefs and exemptions honoring those beliefs; so therefore by extension, corporations should be held liable for murder, fraud, robbery and a host of other criminal activity that should be able to land the board of directors in prison. The […]

Rep. Elijah Cummings: Police-Community Relations Is The ‘Civil Rights Cause Of This Generation’

I agree with Rep. Elijah Cummings, we were mistaken to ever think that civil rights, as an issue, was done with simply because congress had passed the 1964 civil rights legislation,  signed into law by President Johnson; in hindsight, it seems very naive to think that simply because something was signed into law, that miraculously […]

Watch A Video Of Obama’s Speech From The 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Sometimes we need to take a break from the harsh realities in life, sit back and appreciate the good in life through laughter. Our President has delivered on so many things, more importantly he has given us so much laughter at each of the White House Correspondent’s Dinner. His commentary highlights the many accomplishments that […]

Mr. President: The More You Attack Us, The More We’ll Fight Back

Once burned twice shy, these types of idioms exist for a reason and as Mike Lux so eloquently put it, the people who are questioning the need for treaties such as TPP and TPPIP are so not stupid. I have always supported our President, I am a fan even though I wish that there were […]

Some Question Whether States Should Tell Welfare Recipients How To Spend Their Benefits

I believe that these draconian welfare laws are proof positive that in order to have sound social and economic policy you must approach the issues divorced from bias, prejudice and dispel any prevailing myths that cloud legislators judgment; a tall order I know, but if we want to tackle difficult problems, it is best to […]

The Sun Must Go Down on the Patriot Act

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.” ― Benjamin Franklin. I firmly subscribe to these words, the terrorists did more than just murder over 3000 innocents, they made us question ourselves, become fearful to a degree that we perhaps have never been before and pushed us to […]

Obama: Elizabeth Warren Is Simply Wrong On TPP

I completely disagree with President Obama in this case; why, is it because of the text within the treaty? That is impossible to know because it is being held in secret from us and that is why I disagree with our President over the TPP, a treaty should never be this secretive. I dislike the […]

Toughening Up Hillary

When I think of Hillary Clinton, the words that come to my mind are intelligent, courageous, fantastic mother, compassionate, caring, ambittious, driven, methodical, workaholic, indefatigable; a cluster of words that most people would deem impressive. As a progressive, I would love to have her debate Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the topics that are […]