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Profits and health care have no business being in the same sentence together. This past summer I spent 3 weeks in France with my family and it was a breath of fresh air to watch t.v without a single commercial about prescription drugs; no viagra, no cialis, no side effects, nothing. The French population has […]

Obama: Washington Is Ready To Work With Iran, Russia To End Syria War

We need to stop being so simplistic about the Middle East; it isn’t only about ISIL/ISIS, we have to look beyond and get to the root of the matter. We need to look at our actions, specifically Iraq and even before, we need to address poverty, climate change and its impact on farmers and agriculture, […]

Pope Francis Tells Inmates That Society Can’t Ignore Their Pain

The Pope has, in just a short visit, targeted every single issue that plagues our society while even shaming our Speaker of the House so much he resigned over it. He won’t admit it, but I bet that the Pope’s address to congress had a lot to do with his decision. The Pope was speaking […]

A Changed Climate In Washington

I am beyond embarrassed by our Republican Party; in the 21st century they are campaigning and legislating as if we were still in the early 20th century, not during Teddy Roosevelt’s presidency mind you, but rather Herbert Hoover’s, who believed that government should not intervene but rather private industry should be the engine that provides […]

John Boehner To Resign From Congress At End Of October

Out of all of the congress people to announce retirement, Boehner was not on my list of who must be gone. He was the gatekeeper or better yet the warden of the party of irresponsible lawmakers, he kept them in check and now the warden has left the building, it doesn’t bode well for us […]

Will President Obama Stand up to the Drug Thugs?

President Obama, perhaps after spending some quality time with the Pope, may be forcibly reminded that laissez-faire capitalism, at its best, can’t provide the moral grounding that a society requires for its most vulnerable even to the most powerful. I know that Senator Bernie Sanders will do his utmost to get legislation off the ground […]

McConnell Sets Up Shutdown Fight

Is McConnell simply playing to the small Republican base, as are the field of Republican presidential candidates with their horrible homophobic and racist rhetoric, by going through this useless exercise? Planned Parenthood is a vital healthcare resource for both men and women of low income, abortions makes up only 3% of their overall services, the […]

The Warnings About The Supreme Court’s Dangerous Campaign Finance Ruling Are Now Coming True

The conservative side of the Supreme Court single-handedly offered up our democracy to the 1% and they are now running with it, carving up our econoomy as they deem fit. This ruling and others like it ram the cold hard truth of the critical importance of voter participation straight home and we can no longer […]

Tech Giants, Democrats Go To Bat For Net Neutrality Rules In Court

Net neutrality has been decided, an open highway feasible and equitable for all is an optimum environment for innovation and breakthroughs in tech, why would the “business party” want to stand in the way? If the big Telecom companies don’t back off, I may launch a petition demanding that the Department of Justice launch investigations […]

Democrats Heckle Party Chair With Calls For More Debates

I don’t know why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is being so close-minded about increasing the number of debates, she should be welcoming the idea of expanding the democratic process, not restraining it. I have read so many negative articles about the Democrat’s debate troubles and it all points back to the chair woman. She has been […]