Monthly Archives: February 2015

How We Won Net Neutrality

I feel vindicated by the FCC’s determination to stand by net neutrality for all. I don’t pretend to understand the intricacies of the Internet, but I do know that the Internet should not be divided into fast lanes and slow lanes, that it should be regulated as a utility and therefore operating at the same […]

Scott Walker Says He Can Take On ISIS Because He Took On Labor Unions

Governor Walker may have tried to explain his reasons for comparing his experience shutting down the democratic process within his state with some future strategy dealing with murderous terrorists, but I am not buying it. Of course he will hide behind the old excuse that somehow his intent was hijacked by the “liberal media” but […]

This Billionaire Governor Taxed the Rich and Increased the Minimum Wage — Now, His State’s Economy Is One of the Best in the Country

I find it very interesting that California and Minnesota both have a common denominator; weak economies under Republican Governors and strong economies under Democratic Governors. Remember when California was going the way of Greece not too long ago under Republican Governor Arnold Schwazenegger? In came Governor Jerry Brown and California now has a surplus and […]

Phil Gramm’s ‘Freedom Option’ Reveals The GOP’s Real Agenda For Obamacare

Phil Gramms’ op-ed reveals the inate fallacy in using the word “freedom” when discussing economic principles within a social and political framework. I have previously stated that whenever you hear republicans utter the words “freedom” and the American people, be on your guard because their motives are not charitable in the least. Historically it has […]

Mitch McConnell Unveils Plan B Against Obama Immigration Actions

When the shoe is on the other foot, it isn’t very comfortable to stand on, now is it Senators McConnell and Cruz. Our President stated on numerous occasions and very clearly, that he would stop his executive action the minute that congress did its job and passed a comprehensive immigration bill. So why all of […]

Why We’re All Becoming Independent Contractors

I have decided that whenever I hear someone in power, who represents the monied interests speak about freedom, it is inevitably done to persuade those who don’t have any power to accept their propositions and to ignore the consequences of the proposals because as those in power like to say loudly “freedom is at stake” […]

Friday Talking Points — GOP’s Government Shutdown Showdown

I have to confess that with the pending government agency Homeland Security shutdown, I have had some crazy thoughts brewing in my mind such as let it shut down, it’s too bloated anyway. I then realize that for the hardworking people who need their jobs and dedicate their days to providing us with protective services […]

Numbers Show Senate Women Get More Done Than Men

The anecdoctal data presented in this article should be a red flag as to how important diversity is to our democratic process. Granted I believe that for this to really happen, we absolutely have to get money out of our political process from point A right down to point Z. If that happened then we […]

White House Agrees With Rudy Giuliani: He Said A ‘Horrible Thing’

If I understand correctly, the Republican Party believes that one only loves America if one is wiling to send the military immediatly out to subjugate any threat, no matter what, who, real or imagined that threat may be, as long as there is oil involved. Former President George W. Bush, by that definition, most definitely […]

Walmart Gives 500,000 Workers A Raise

It’s about time Walmart. If Walmart had come out in front of the minimum wage movement, they would have definitely been seen as being on the right side of history and a positive force in our consumerist society. However in my opinion, this is simply bowing down to the inevitable and they are trying to […]