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Fiscal Cliff Update: Better to Go Over Than Accept a Bad Deal

I am disgusted by the whole charade of Washington. There is nothing here that isn’t of their own making. We, as a people, voted and sent clear messages. We would like to see the mega wealthy taxed at higher rates, we would like to see the estate tax rates go back up and the capital […]

President Obama: Fiscal Cliff Failure Will Occur If GOP Can’t Say Yes (UPDATE)

From what I see with the articles that I have read pertaining to the tax increases and the spending cuts; it is the middle class; the whole array of the middle class, that will suffer the most. What the politicians are not taking into account is that the vast majority of middle class folk lost […]

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Jason, thanks once again for saving me from watching these shows. Happy New Year! I propose that the next politician who says that the U.S is in danger of going the way of Greece be instantaneously thrown out of office for failure in understanding the basic principles of economics. Moreover we need to re-evaluate how […]

GOP Governors Deny The Poor Health Care In Opposing Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

I am curious about the republican governor’s own health care coverage policy’s and how can they sleep at night knowing that by their choice, they are denying those who are at the end of their tether, a vital and necessary lifeline. Denying anyone basic health care coverage is an irresponsible economic decision. It is far […]

Obama Orders Pay Raise For Congress, Federal Workers, Joe Biden

Is this anyone’s idea of a good negotiating measure? I know that honey attracts more flies than honey but really? Mister President, at a time that most Americans are suffering and the elected politicians are actively showing their disdain by not coming together to hammer out an equitable compromise, you choose now to sign an […]

Cliff Hanger: Why Republicans Don’t Care What the Nation Thinks

The republicans are all being held hostage by the threat of being primaried in future elections. McConnell, our dear senate minority leader, is a prime example. He is looking forward two years down the road and he knows that if he doesn’t deliver what the Koch brothers demand, his primary experience will most certainly be […]

Timothy Geithner: Debt Limit Will Be Reached December 31

The debt ceiling has me far more concerned than the silly comedy of errors that is the fiscal cliff hoedown. You would think that if the legislators had any integrity, they would immediately apologize to the American people for causing us this much trouble all on their own; because they can’t come together like adults, […]

John Boehner Pressured By Some To Let Democrats Pass Fiscal Cliff Bill

Boehner is in over his head with the latest incarnation of the republican zealots. First the republican went far right Christian and then double downed on the Christian fanaticism with defective economic theory or Voodoo economics as H.W Bush called it back in 1980. Reagan left us such a terrible legacy that we are still […]

Paul Krugman: Deficit Hawks Are ‘Remarkably Foolish’

I think that the republicans willfully speak of the specter of deficits because they know that there are so many voters who equate the federal government’s budget with a traditional household budget. It makes complete rational sense to worry about household deficits and unmanageable debt, if you spend more than what you take in; there […]

The Zombie Party

In order to be a truly effective citizen you need to take the time to go beyond the usual sources for your news and I am not even speaking about Fox news. All of our traditional news media have been co-opted by corporations and they have one standardized memo to the news departments; don’t rock […]