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Sequester Cuts Trickle Down From The Middle Class

The sequestration cuts are forming another form of trickle down economics; the spending cuts trickling down from Washington D.C are squeezing and tightening the middle and working class household budgets which in turn trickles as cuts in demand which pinches the corporations who see no other recourse than to lay off employees since the lack […]


Friday Talking Points — Don Young Shows GOP How Not To Reach Out To Minorities

Your article read like an episode from the Twilight Zone. You as always bring all the craziness to light and thank you for that, but while we are living in the real world with serious concerns over medical bills that do not make sense even though we are insured and utility bills that get more […]

Steve King Blasts Obama Daughters For Going On Spring Break

This makes me think of Michele Bachmann, she was all poised giving her speech at CPAC, criticizing the President’s “lavish” lifestyle from a “source” that had that has no merit and after the speech, we see her run with a reporter running after her trying to see how she can stand by those false accusations […]

Obama On Gun Violence: ‘Shame On Us If We’ve Forgotten’ Newtown

I am sorry but with polling that reflects that your average N.R.A member and the rest of us support stricter background checks, a reasonable waiting period and closing the loopholes that are in place for gun shows and on-line purchasing, our legislators are showing their true colors, a heavily funded lobby group, the N.R.A, trumps […]

My Own Gay Marriage Evolution

Wonderful post Chris. I don’t know why the entire gay marriage issue or even just the gay issue has never been an issue for me. I went to Catholic school but somewhere along the line when I decided that the history of the Catholic church with its bloodthirsty acquisition of riches, violent judgments against all […]

Budgets to the Right of Us, Budgets to the Left of Us: Budgets, Budgets Everywhere!

I believe the key difference between the two ideologies surrounding the budgets lies in the concept of community. The right wing budgets view communities as islands separate from each other; if your island is prosperous, that has nothing to do with whether the other one is poor and desolate. Whereas the left wing budgets reflect […]

Senate Unanimously Votes Against Cuts to Social Security, Media Don’t Notice

Unfortunately our national news media is corporate and when the corporations prints out the memos, they do it as a massive copy, distributed to all anchors across the board. Conan showed a minute mashup of news anchors in different cities say the same exact thing “economic factors taking the spring out of the Easter bunny’s […]

Wayne LaPierre: Michael Bloomberg ‘Insane’ On Guns

What seems insane to me is the scary about-face that Mister LaPierre has taken with all of his previous positions concerning gun control. Jon Stewart had a few clips from the good old days showing a younger LaPierre calling for universal background checks and a reasonable waiting period. What happened to that guy? Who is […]

The GOP’s Three Fiscal Lies

The republicans haven’t any reason to reverse their strategy because those whom they serve are profitting immensely from the policies that have dominated Washington D.C these past several decades since Saint Reagan. Unfortunately for middle and working class America, democrats anxious to play with Wall Street in order to stay in the political game, adopted […]

Senate Passes Democratic Budget

What remains so interesting is that Romney and Ryan ran on the premiss that they would get revenue from closing tax loopholes and reducing deductions for the high income sector and their party was fine with that. However, President Obama gets re-elected by the people with a strong and healthy win, both electorally and in […]