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The GOP Is Now Against Tax Breaks — If They Help the Middle Class Buy Health Care

If you look impartially throughout history at the global economic record, you cannot find a single instance where the wealthy became outrageously wealthy without the use of slavery, indentured servitude or some other type of criminal enterprise. That being said, it should be a no-brainer for the upper middle class, middle class and the rest […]

Ted Cruz: Republicans ‘Terrified’ To Fight Obamacare

Ted Cruz is yet another example of what you do not want in an elected official; someone who, once elected, refuses to listen and consider what the electorate, in fact, want from them. Instead of adopting a neutral position and looking at all the data as it is coming in about the ACA and its […]

Mitch McConnell To John McCain And Chuck Schumer: ‘When Are You All Getting Married?’

Mitch McConnell scoffing at the idea that two senators can put aside political differences and work together for a chance to do some goood for the American people; what is more mind boggling, the idea that two politicians from opposing parties could work together or that a senior republican would scoff at them? If this […]

Obama: Next Fed Chair Should Consider Ordinary People

Well then, President Obama just assured us that he will not be picking Larry Summers as the next chariman of the Federal Reserve. I, for one, am heartened by this wonderful news. I know that I am being facetious, but if anyone thinks that Lary Summers will ever consider ordinary folk while fulfilling his duties […]

Lobbyist Gets Real: Washington Is ‘The Most Complex And Intricate Web Of BS In The World’ (VIDEO)

Wow, this guy is good, turn the tables and deflect the original question. I have learned through the years to be very wary of people like him. They are the ones who are the most dangerous, they never answer to the charges or to the accountability of their actions, they are master manipulators and very […]

Scott Walker: Mitt Romney Would Have Won Wisconsin Had He Stood For ‘Reformer,’ Not ‘Rich Guy’

When Romney was governor of Massachusetts, his policies took Massachusetts down to bottom where Wisconsin is right now. Romney stripped higher education of its funding, outsourced tons of jobs and made Massachusetts the guinea pig for the republican version of universal health care, ironically, it is precisely Romney’s test pilot project that has become one […]

Why Republicans Are Disciplined and Democrats Aren’t

Yes I am a progressive, a bookworm, someone who enjoys reading and searching for answers, someone who questions authority but that doesn’t mean that I can’t be called on to provide consistency and discipline as long as the legislation is sound. I think that the ideology that dominates the conservative mindset is actually pretty simple […]

Today In ‘John Boehner’s Life Is A Living Hell’

What frightens me is that these tea party radicals didn’t simply parachute into congress to wreak havoc on our economic recovery, our social insurance programs and civil rights, they were each and every single one voted into congress. What does that say about parts of our country? They, being Americn citizens, have the right to […]

John Boehner: No Debt Ceiling Hike Without Spending Cuts

Has anyone thought to alert Speaker Boehner that the sequestration cuts have already taken place and they are hurting several sectors of our populace, specifically the most unfortunate of them? Moreover hasn’t he been made aware of the fact that our deficits are falling and that we even had a monthly surplus? Is he even […]

Mike Lee: Republicans Will Shut Down Government To Block Obamacare

When does sabotaging laws that have been put on the books finally become acknowledged as treason? How much longer do we have to wait before there is some sort of consequence to this appalling behavior that has kept our country from experiencing a healthier recovery? The Republican Party is completely out of control and there […]