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Congress Revives Gingrich-Era Law To Thwart Obama

When are we going to escape the ills of the Newt Gingrich era? He did a lot of damage to the legislative process when he engineered his ascendency to power in the house. He took the shredder to the research and analysis capabilities of congressional staffs acrosse the board which is mostly why we now […]

Obama Mocks Mitt Romney For Being ‘Suddenly Deeply Concerned About Poverty’

I realize that Romney has withdrawn his name from the field, but I can understand why President Obama made his quips about Romney’s sudden reversal of priorities. The pointed critique that President Obama made concerning how convenient it was for the Republican Party to suddenly express deep concerns over the income inequality is still relevant […]

Obama Wants To End The Era Of Sequestration

If we recall the sequestration debacle, it originally started out as the stick, not the carrot, but wound up as the poisoned fruit that we got stuck with instead, so it would only make sense to do away with it now that our economy is on an upswing, at least it is for the wealthier […]

Democrats Say Billionaire Koch Brothers Launch 2016 ‘Electoral Arms Race’

When are we going to hold up our hands and call for a time out? A billion dollars is an obscene amount of money to have to generate for any type of election; I realize that President Obama was able to get that for 2012, but it doesn’t mean that it was okay and that […]

Why Stupid Politics Is the Cause of Our Economic Problems

I believe that the biggest problem we face both here in the United States and overseas lies in the differences between which fical and monetary policies benefits which economic class and since the wealthiest economic class has the most leverage and the most proximity to the lawmakers, their demands are often the ones to be […]

A Break in the Greek Tragedy

We need to pay attention to what is happening overseas because a depressed Europe means less demand for our goods here; we do not exist in a vacuum. How many examples of the harm that austerity policies unleashes on the masses do we need to catalog before we accept the fact that these policies have […]

Fox News Raises Alarm Over College Course About Race

The entire point of pursuing higher education is to expand your mind, explore other world views, challenge established mindsets and question, question everything; critical thinking and analytical reasoning are such assets in life. In my mind a course such as this would be an excellent gateway to sympathy and perhaps even empathy to your fellow […]

Bernie Sanders Got Republicans To Make His Argument For Universal Health Care

How many more examples do we need to present before we can finally accept that if we pooled all of our resources together as so many other industrialized nations have, we would have a much better health care system than the one we do now. If only for the fact that it seems that we […]

Iran Sanctions Supporters Don’t Want To Improve Nuclear Talks. They Want To Destroy Them.

Thank goodness for sanity and reason. How politically, morally and economically irresponsible of Boehner and Netanyahu for thinking that sabotaging the negotiating and thus the diplomatic process is somehow acceptable behavior. We are finally at a place of hope with Iran after over 3 decades of acrimonious relations and these two want to implode or […]

Democrats Warn Obama They Don’t Have His Back On Trade Plans

In my opinion, both the TPP and TPPIP agreements and future environmental policy decisions are the biggest issues in 2015 because their resolutions will have the strongest long term implications for our future and once those decisions are made and implemented there is no going back. In terms of the TPP and the TPPIP, my […]