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How Can Obama Fulfill His Pledges for Sweeping Criminal Justice Reform and Redeem His Policy Legacy?

President Obama is intent on leaving his office on a high and energetic momentum. Afterwards we may feel a little deflated if the next President operates at a slower pace. It was a striking image, seeing our President walk into a federal prison, speaking with inmates, having the thought in the back of my head, […]

Ohio Cop Indicted On Murder Charge In Traffic-Stop Shooting

I have read and heard repeatedly the need for much more police training, but I am not sure if in this instance, training would have made much of a difference. I think we need more screening, greater police involvement in their communities, not only patrolling communities, but also residing in the communities they are assigned […]

Senate GOP Fast-Tracks Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is vital to low income women and their families, it isn’t about abortion, it is about an entire array of gynecological issues spanning from birth control, an issue that is very complex, to mammography, pelvic screenings, ovaries, in short a female reproductive system is made up of several moving parts, not just the […]

House Republicans Say ‘Not It’ To Senate

Where is the coordination between houses? Since they are both controlled by the same party, the lines of communication should be open and running smoothly, no matter which side of the aisle you operate from; highways, bridges, state roads need to be maintained, updated or even completely replaced if only for safety reasons. These roadways […]

Mike Huckabee: Obama Marching Israelis ‘To The Door Of The Oven’

Huckabee’s comment is so irresponsible and tasteless, it is almost frightening, given that Huckabee aspires to the highest office with the capability of launching a nuclear weapon. Iran would have to be a nation on a suicide death wish to even think to launch an offensive strike, we and Israel would retaliate so fast it […]

Hillary Clinton’s Economic Speech A Total Letdown

A simple way to reclaim and establish an inroad against runaway executive pay would be to sever the link between C.E.O compensation and stock prices; return executive pay to the performance of the company the way it used to be, I realize there was a reason for holding C.E.O’s accountable to shareholders when it was […]

Prosecutor Paid Off Student Loan Debt With Funds Seized From Defendants

Here is another example of how toxic our drug war has become, civil forfeiture is an absolute violation of our constitutional rights, starting with the fourth amendment and ending up trampling on the concept of innocent until proven guilty, since as in the case of Oklahoma, law enforcement officials can seize and confiscate money without […]

Republicans Gut Wall Street Reforms In Must-Pass Spending Bill

Why can’t we have Senator Warren’s Glass-Steagal for the 21st century bill passed and be done with it? The only product that emerged from the Dodd-Frank Act is the Consumer Financial Protection agency and it has been doing its job very well for five years now, I think everything else contained within the Dodd-Frank Act […]

Uber, New York City Reach Tentative Truce

What needs to be explored is how exploitative Uber can be to its drivers and to its consumer, because it may give you an estimate upon agreement, but they aren’t obligated to abide by the estimate, many consumers have had sticker shock after seeing their statement. Uber is operating mainly as a libertarian operation, rake […]

Republicans Are Upset That Martin O’Malley Cited Actual Science On Climate Change And Conflict

Our own military has listed climate change as a major threat to national security, quite a few years back, so it isn’t as if O’Malley pulled his argument out of his hat. The scientific data has been substantiated in terms of extreme drought being one of the consequences of climate change, we see it in […]