Media Helps Boost Donald Trump’s False Claim That ‘Millions’ Voted Illegally

That’s it, I have had it with our corporate media who can’t hold someone to basic standards after he was elected President. President Elect Trump’s tweet was fact checked and it’s a blatant lie. I have the solution: since we Democrats have our candidate, who to date has won 2.2 million more votes than Trump, and Republican voters have their candidate who won the Electoral College fair and square, why don’t we split our nation down the middle as a matter of speaking, the red states unite as do the blue states. Hillary Clinton will be our President and Donald Trump will be their’s and we can launch another democratic experiment, how bad can it be? It would be a great social, economic and political experiment considering the differences between the two ideologies and the differences in how we see the world, we may learn some incredible things of value in the process. I don’t see what else to do to overcome the fact less items that get called news by some, we all need facts and figures to figure out our problems in the world and ever since we allowed facts to be cherry picked we have been setting ourselves up for failure. It behooves us to restablsih factchecking as something to be admired and a sign of intelligence.

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