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I will always support Bernie Sanders

I will always support Bernie Sanders.

The Worst Congress Money Can Buy

We are at a huge divide of values, responsibility and accountability. From what I see the Republican Party is very comfortable with their well oiled bank accounts and they are willing to ride the wave until they get what they want. The Democratic Party is made of some sterner moral stuff. While recently, the Democratic […]

Bernie the candidate I support

Bernie Sanders is affording us an opportunity to do something completely different, I say we take this opportunity. Bernie Sanders the candidate deserves loyal and courageous constituents, in compliment to his fearless desire to create a nation we deserve in return. I am trying to do my part.

Dear Bernie: I Like You, But These Red Flags Are Too Frequent to Ignore

I refuse to take all of your talking points, nicely summed up for me by the illustrious learned men who have repeatedly criticized the simplicity of Benrie Sanders economic and foreign policy. In normal situations I heed these learned men and women but this isn’t a normal circumstance, I am voting with my gut and […]

Sanders Struggles To Widen Appeal As South Carolina Primary Looms

All I can say to Bernie supporters everywhere: Keep the Faith!!! If you look at FaceBook you’ll find independent groups for Bernie, if you look at Redditt you’ll see states for Bernie, if you look at Twitter you see legions of Bernie supporters. Keep the Faith!! Read the article:

Friday Talking Points — Ranting Back at Orrin Hatch

The Republican Party’s reaction to the death of Justice Scalia and his replacement, just further cements their racism against and profound disrespect of President Obama. I agree with Chris Weignant that the contortions that the Republican Party is twisting itself into in order to present their horrendous rationale is enough to make one sick, especially […]

Maybe It IS a Single-Issue Election

I agree that this election is a one issue election which, as the article states, is income inequality. If we hadn’t had 7 years of non-stop obstructionism from the Republican Party, perhaps we would be in a much stronger place where income inquality wouldn’t be the huge issue it is today. The amount of debt, […]

Women in the Armed Forces: Where Can We Go from Here?

Maybe we shouldn’t expect the changes to come from the very top down, perhaps we should be expecting the changes to come from the younger generations in the Officer pool. Middle management should be the ones to track societal changes and equality between sexes and to keep in mind that equality between sexes goes full […]

Bernie Sanders’ Home State Just Passed A Paid Sick Leave Law

Why does this nation seem bound and determined to treat each other inhumanely? Why must we be the last on board when it comes to family values, educational values and forward thinking values? I am voting for the candidate’s personality that has historically gelled with this legislation and by that, I mean Bernie Sanders. Bernie […]

Ted Cruz Rises Above Donald Trump In NBC/WSJ National Poll

I lost all respect for political polling when they first announced Donald Trump as the leader of the pack. I then remembered that normal polling results are out of fashion in this day and age. Millenials aren’t picking up the phone, they are tweeting, they are on Face Book and they are everywhere else aside […]