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Obama’s Judicial Nominees Blocked On All Sides By Senate Republicans

While there is wisdom in our checks and balances, the republican party, specifically the tea party republicans, has perverted the concept into becoming an unworkable environment. I theoretically understand the reason as to why, for future purposes Harry Reid let go of filibuster reform, but we are approaching standstill governance at this point. This article […]

Meals On Wheels Sequestration Cuts Taking Effect

If we continue to subscribe to the conservative ideology of picking yourself up by your bootstraps and letting private charity do its job helping those who are too poor; all in the drive to let the “job creators” have less taxes, theoretically to “grow” our economy, then we should expect greater numbers of homeless families, […]

White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Obama Jokes About Radical Second-Term Changes

Our President is quite at home with comedy. He has the elusive gift of timing, not many are gifted with that, the late night gang should be worried for their jobs because our President made it seem effortless last night. I only wsh that a few well placed jokes could convince these lawmakers that we […]

Obama: ‘Planned Parenthood Is Not Going Anywhere’

What the republican party is doing to women’s rights is for me the ultimate reason why religion and politics should not occupy the same space in government. There was an excellent reason why the United States of America adopted the idea of separation between church and state; do not impose your religious beliefs onto me […]

Friday Talking Points — Helium Brains

Excellent article Chris from beginning to end. I commented on the airport issue yesterday. Your powers of prediction were on the money with this one. I would pay money to see any one of the Sunday morning hosts ask anyone of their congressional guests why it took all of a week to put together a […]

FAA Furloughs: Senate Reaches Deal To Avoid Air Traffic Delays

Sadly those who control the purse strings also control who feels the pain and who doesn’t. Normally whoever controls the purse strings does so because it is their money, what grates me is that these legislators are controlling OUR money and often against our professed wishes. The scales of influence are too heavily weighted in […]

George W. Bush: Jeb Bush Should ‘Run’ In 2016 (VIDEO)

We have already had twelve years of a Bush presidency and between the two of them we got three wars and not much else. Being from the Northeast, I am not very familiar with the impact Jab Bush had on Florida. My only impression of Jeb Bush is that he was part of the process […]

A Meaner (or Nicer) Obama Won’t Change a Stubborn GOP

I am a progressive and there are times when I would love to drag President Obama to my living room and sit him down to say”what are you thinking?” yet I am completely behind him because no matter my disagreements, I acknowledge that he has done a lot for our country in terms of legislation […]

FAA Flight Delays Become Fodder For Sequester Politics

This article could have a happy ending, all that it takes is for the republicans in the house to cease and desist with their obstinate views on revenue. On the other side of the equation, all that would be needed from the senate is for McConnell and his merry band to not filibuster and we […]

Conservative Opposition To Immigration Reform Driven By Lack Of Trust

Are we witnessing the slow motion implosion of the republican party? They don’t see the forest for the trees. I am a child of immigrants, actually we are all children of immigrants. We have an issue involving undocumented workers that we need to deal with, so let’s deal with it. The republican party is operating […]