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TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Jason you almost killed me this morning, I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard. Paul Ryan saying that Romney’s credibility in foreign policy will persuade the ayatollahs to change their policies. Ryan’s complete duck and cover from specifics of all kinds. Ryan lauding President Obama as the greatest living debater and orator is so […]

Friday Talking Points — Debate Questions I’d Ask

Chris great questions. I saw the political ad and how can President Obama lose when he has Samuel L. Jackson on your side along with Adam Mansbach. Your first question brings to mind, when both Paul Ryan and Scott Walker both asked for the strike to be over and the professional referees come back to […]

10 Reasons Why Mitt Romney’s Debate Prospects Are in Trouble

I was thinking about the debates and worrying for our President. I tried to remember when was the last real debate for Romney, was it for the governorship of Massachusetts? I had little ones, so I wasn’t paying attention. I know that he debated Senator Kennedy in the 70’s. You really cannot count the primaries […]

Mitt Romney Gets Tax Break Off Firm Sending Jobs To China

If I were a 1% percenter, would I be reading this article and saying to myself, “Romney excellent manipulation of the tax code, boy I wish I had your gift for knowingly and strategically moving around investments, stocks and accounts to pay the least amount of taxes possible. Romney it is practically an art form” […]

Repackaging Mitt

I highly recommend watching Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to really get a feel of the famous Romney reboot, according to those two, Romney has been rebooted at least three times, sort of like your old Dell computer when it can’t open certain programs or it simply won’t compute. Romney keeps coming from behind while […]

Romney Finally Reveals His Nearsighted Vision for Health Reform

As a Massachusetts resident, I don’t understand how Romney’s logic works, if it was good enough for Massachusetts why isn’t it good enough for the rest of the country? Does this mean that Romney loves us more? Are we in Mass. more deserving than say Alabama? The ACA takes the 716 billion in savings that […]

Conan Rages Against Elisabeth Hasselbeck Questioning Obama: ‘She Didn’t Even Win’ Survivor (VIDEO)

I watched the interview. Let me start with full disclosure, I find Elizabeth to be simply a talking point for the conservative think tanks. Those conservative think tanks were started and funded by the republicans back in the late 70’s to investigate, find and polish facile talking points designed to convince the conservative lower income […]

Vets Retreating From Obama? Not So Fast

I would agree with the author of this article, Mr. Solz. In my opinion, the democrats as a party have always tried to do more for veterans over their counterparts in congress have historically. I also believe that Mr. Solz hit upon an important distinction in the present day makeup of our veterans. Since the […]

In Election 2012, Game-Change Is Status Quo, Senators Say

I think that Graham has forgotten his history or he just hasn’t read much of it. President Truman campaigned on the “Do Nothing” congress and his “Do Nothing” congress was ambitious compared to President Obama’s congress, which is republican controlled and is going on another vacation again. I am sure that many Americans wished that […]

America’s Increasing Optimism May Help Obama

I wonder if when asked by the pollsters, if anyone is thinking of the entire two years of pure republican obstructionism to anything the President proposes, even if what he proposes would be considered a republican idea. If I were asked the question, I would answer that the country is going the wrong way but […]