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SEC Commissioner Issues Scathing Dissent From Ruling, Elizabeth Warren Echoes Concern

This latest miscarriage of justice just proves to me how wrong we were to have thrown our tax dollars at the big banks to bolster and prop them back up after the Great Recession, we should have let them go down. But that is neither here nor there, it was done and we paid the […]

Elizabeth Warren Sidesteps Clinton Question, Says Wall Fat Cats ‘Strut Around Washington’

Senator Warren is too diplomatic and too savvy to let herself be baited on a Sunday morning political show. If you just listen to her words, you will see that she is as far from a corporate democrat as you can get. I have to say that besides elegantly sidestepping questions about Hillary Clinton, I […]

Obama: Donald Sterling Comments ‘Incredibly Offensive’

Some may have tried to use the election of President Obama as proof that racism is no longer alive and well in our nation, but unfortunately this is far from the case. I would argue that President Obama’s election and re-election has stirred the pot and brought up the latent racism that has always existed […]

Warren Offers Women a Bracing Dose of Reality

Senator Warren is a breath of fresh air in politics; she doesn’t only speak to women issues, but to all issues that matter to 99%. She has been working on bankruptcy issues, credit card issues and mortgage issues for over twenty years and thank goodness because we need all of the help that we can […]

GOP Lawmaker Says Women Don’t Deserve Equal Pay Because They’re Lazier

State Rep. Will Infantine should take a long hard look at his world around him and take some time to really ponder on what he just said, standing there in front of an audience and lumping women into a category of lazy slackers more concerned with flexibility of working hours than that of money, completely […]

Cliven Bundy: Are Black People ‘Better Off As Slaves’ Than ‘Under Government Subsidy?’

There is a saying “Intelligent people are continuously plagued by doubt and it is the stupid who are happy in their certainty”. When remarks such as Mister Bundy’s pollute our air, ears and sensibilities, it can only be through sheer callous stupidity; it is shamefully obvious that Mister Bundy does not have a clue what […]

Losing Their Unemployment Benefits Didn’t Help These People Find Work

There are a few issues that do not make sense to me regarding the Republican Party and their relationship with economics, government and the average person. First the dichotomy between their treatment of the wealthy and the rest of their constituents is so clear and well defined. The right fundamentally believes that government is here […]