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Grover Norquist Calls Out Republicans For Not Taking Credit For Economic Recovery

Grover Norquist misses the forest for the trees in all things economic. I have to say that he is proud of the fact that at the tender age of 13 he had his epiphany under Reagan, but unfortunately for us he has never evolved and holds incredible sway politically in the background. The economy is […]

This City Eliminated Poverty, And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It

I think that this article is important because it highlights the diferences between conservative and progressive mindsets when it comes to basic human nature, society’s responsibilities towards its own well-being and what words such as success, welfare, responsibility, luck and self-sufficiency really mean. Words have subjective and contextual meanings; I believe that we all need […]

The Republican’s Magical Mystery Tour (Starting Next Week)

Can congress arbitrarily fire the CBO director? Aside from clear cut disagreements over the type of impact that tax cuts have on the economy, isn’t there a just cause protection and due process to go through? I am hoping that Porfessor Reich is simply sounding the alarm and getting us ready to sign the petitions […]

Hillary Clinton’s Economic Approach Under Scrutiny

I would love to have the opportunity to ask Hillary Clinton how she feels about her husband’s decision to repeal of Glass-Steagall and the subsequent signing of the Futures & Commodities Act given how quickly both acts led to the Great Recession. We all know how Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Sherrod Brown feel about […]

Obama Hopes To Enlist GOP In Push For Trade Pact, Despite Democratic Resistance – The Washington Post

I have been signing petition after petition calling for an end to all of the secrecy aurrounding the TPP and the TPPIP negotiations and to not allow any of it to be Fast Tracked through congress. I am a firm believer that absolutely nothing good ever comes from secrecy; if the trade discussions were really […]

The Government Problem

Former President Ronald Reagan did so much damage to the 99% that we are still discovering new tidbits even today. He unleashed the trickle down economic theory wrapped up in his folksy musings and sold it as gospel to the Republican base despite the fact that more serious minds such as H.W Bush called it […]

Pope Singles Out Refugees, Hostages In Christmas Message

Pope Francis never ceases to bring hope to those who are not of the religious persuasion. He is an inclusive being and what he brings to the institution of religion is priceless. He welcomes everyone regardless of their beliefs and that is a million times more powerful than any sermon laced with hellfire and brimstone […]