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Labor Day 2012 and the Election of 2012: It’s Inequality, Stupid

I think that President Obama needs to reclaim the phrase “I built that” from the republicans and proudly state that “WE Built That as in America”. That is the defining point of contention between the republican vision and the democrat vision. The republicans believe in the lone wolf as long as I got mine mentality […]

Condoleezza Rice Speech At Republican Convention Brings The Foreign Policy Heat

I for one do not ever want to go back to the cowboy foreign policy that was of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Condi Rice so to have her on stage criticizing our President makes me doubly proud of him and how he has handled foreign policy since he has taken office. A vote […]

GOP-fest, Day Two

Chris thank you for suffering through the speeches for the rest of us. My husband told me to watch it last night and I said I couldn’t because I would end up breaking the t.v. My anger stems from the fact that the whole entire Romney/Ryan platform is based on gross lies designed to instill […]

John Boehner Backs Mitt Romney’s False Welfare Claim

This is the sign of a campaign that is desperate and willing to say anything to demonize our President and further make him be the “other”. President Obama has been a center right when it comes to the foreign policy and he has tried to be center left domestically. That is a fact and the […]

Chris Christie Keynote Speech, Ann Romney Headline GOP Convention First Night

I am going to be cynical but of course they are going to tout out Anne Romney to speak about her husband, if I were Anne Romney, I would be waxing eloquently about the father of my boys, my successful husband who has kept me in the lap of luxury for all of my adult […]

David Brooks Constructs Entire Column Of Bad Twitter Jokes About Mitt Romney

Jason you hit the nail on the head, the only redeeming line in the whole thing is “Joe Nocera is off today”. David Brooks is an expert on nostalgia and that is it. He and Thomas Friedman should collaborate on a series of books titled ” The Way We Were” . They both are good […]

Embracing Bigotry

Chris interesting article as always, party hearty down at Charlotte. I became bigoted, if you will, towards the democrat party, very early on in my teens because I have always been drawn to history and there were so many principled democrats in and out of politics who embraced a message and values that I felt […]

Tom Smith, GOP Senate Candidate: Pregnancy From Rape Similar To ‘Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock’

As far as I know, we still have the separation of church and state in this country. I want our legislators to keep that in mind before they start legislating according to their religious beliefs when there are already laws governing the legality of abortion. Abortion is something that concerns primarily women and men secondarily. […]

Insecurity Separates Middle Class From Romney, Ryan

I think that most people my age (45) and older were raised to believe that the republican party was the party of successful businessmen and therefore they knew how to guide our economy through difficult times. We trusted their judgment and only through the past thirty years of evidence have I realized that I was […]

Mitt Romney Reaped Huge Tax Benefits Based On ‘Active’ Role At Bain Capital

According to this article, then Romney is playing all types of different roles in order to get away with the least amount of public investment i.e taxes, as possible. He is therefore, in my mind, the least desirable type of candidate possible for the job as President of the United States. When you believe in […]