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North Carolina Voter ID Law Targeted African-Americans, Appeals Court Rules

Intentionally gaming the system just proves that the offending party knows they are in the wrong, since they can’t use conventional methods to achieve their goals they must resort to underhanded tactics to get what they want. Restrictive voting laws, and congressional redistricting are two powerful methods the Republican Party has used to keep their […]

Father Of War Hero Near Tears As He Pleads With Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell To ‘Repudiate’ Trump

Donald Trump stands for nothing except Donald Trump. He called John McCain a loser, while knowing that he had stayed home during the Vietnam War conveniently suffering from bone spurs. Does anyone remember the media circus over Bill Clinton’s decision to sit out the Vietnam by going over to Oxford on his Rhodes scholarship? Donald […]

America Has Finally Put A Woman At The Top Of The Ticket

Reading about Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech has been a revelation, the positivity and the enthusiasm wasn’t surprising, I’m thrilled by her speech, her plans and the historic aspect of her nomination, but I was both shocked and distressed by the tone of the negative tweets, many were as superficial as to focus on the sound […]

Obama Praises ‘The America I Know,’ Says Hillary Clinton Is The One To Lead It

I may disagree with some of his decisions, but it has never gotten in the way of my deep admiration for this man. I am so proud to have had him as my President, he has filled the office with dignity, intelligence, compassion and hope. As a man, he has shown us to be a […]

Americans Are Finally Comfortable With The Idea Of A Female Presidential Nominee

I have always wondered why the United States has lagged behind other nations when it came to electing women to positions of power. I mean Sri Lanka elected its female leader back in 1960 back when it was still known as Ceylon, India followed suit just six years later with its election of Indira Ghandi […]

Democrats And Republicans Agree: Michelle Obama Absolutely Nailed It

I would put Michelle Obama in the same category as Eleanor Roosevelt, they are the two greatest First Ladies in the history of our nation. Michelle Obama has an infinite source of grace and patience, I know she is exceptionally intelligent, but her compassion, her capacity for forgiveness is immeasurable. I am so proud to […]

Bernie Sanders Supporters Disrupt The Democratic Convention

We the people have very few tools to effect our democracy, voting and protesting are two of them and I’m glad to see Bernie Sanders supporters out there protesting and showing their support for their guy. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to Hillary Clinton that she doesn’t have the election in the bag, […]

Elizabeth Warren Teams Up With Barack Obama To Tout Wall Street Reform

I am thrilled Elizabeth Warren is staying on as my senator, unfortunately we in Massachusetts chose a republican governor and if Elizabeth Warren had been asked to be V.P, Governor Charles Baker would have filled her seat with a republican, not something we want when we are actively trying to get back the senate. Moreover […]

Hillary Clinton Names Tim Kaine As Her Running Mate

I feel like throwing my hands up in the air, Hillary Clinton seems to be tone deaf to the progressive branch of the Democratic Party when it comes to financial and trade issues. Granted Hillary Clinton has changed her stance on the TPP and now it seems that Kaine has as well, but it is […]

6 Ways The GOP’s Environmental Platform Will Damage The Earth

Forget about Trump, forget about Mike Pence, if we want to do the right thing by our children and our grandchildren, we need to fight for our planet and that means voting for the party that cares and believes in science. We need to unite all liberals and have everyone head to the polls and […]