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Bernie Sanders’ Endgame Is Increasingly Bewildering To Team Clinton

I believe the real issue here is the Democratic Party itself, the establishment members don’t want to rock the boat and Bernie Sanders, by not adhering to the conventional playbook, is rocking the boat. The people he appointed to the platform committee were voted down on major points such as Medicare for all, rejection of […]

House Republicans Spent Millions Of Dollars On Benghazi Committee To Exonerate Clinton

We could have allocated 7 million dollars to hungry children, we could have allocated 7 million to research, basically we could have allocated 7 million dollars to areas of our economy that are desperate for funds, but instead our Republican Party wasted two years and all this money for nothing, they love telling us that […]

We Waste So Much Food That Congress Might Actually Do Something

Hopefully movement on our food waste problem will be the back door into better environmental protections, perhaps the Republican Party is unaware (which is fine as long as we get good legislation) that food waste contributes to climate change, the more food waste put into landfills the greater amounts of methane gas and other climate […]

Bernie Sanders Mounts Democratic Convention Platform Fight

What concerns me about Hillary Clinton and most of the establishment democrats is that they have taken the Democratic Party and remade it into the Wall Street Democratic Party, cementing what had started in the late 1970’s, when democrats were trying to keep up in campaign funding with the republican rivals, into concrete a policy […]

Dan Rather Worries That The Media Has Become ‘A Business Partner Of Donald Trump’

There was a severe imbalance of coverage between Trump and Bernie Sanders even though in some respects both campaigns could be seen as similar in terms of appealing to frustrations with the establishment and rampant economic pain amongst the working class, yet we repeatedly saw non-stop Trump coverage, in effect giving him billions of free […]

Unlike Congress, Hawaii Takes Action On Gun Control

I applaud Hawaii’s Governor and legislature for honoring their constituents safety and wishes by writing and signing into law common sense gun safety regulations, I hope their example will be taken up by more states while we wait for the republican side of congress to grow a backbone. I know that many Americans believe that […]

Brexit Wins As The UK Votes To Leave EU In Historic Referendum

In my opinion Brexit would have never come to pass if the British and European lawmakers had not pursued austerity politics in the first place. Why did the neoliberal ideologists not see the writing on the wall in 2009? Spain, Portugal and Greece were lying in tatters economically and no matter how many social programs […]

Protesters Gather Outside U.S. Capitol To Push For Vote On Guns

I am so proud of the democrat representatives finally taking action on this important matter, not only for employing non-violent civil disobedience tactics, but for calling out the republicans for what they are, a tool of the NRA. Paul Ryan can call it a publicity stunt, in a sense it is, and in my mind […]

Here’s A Complete List Of All The Times Obama Said He Wants To Take Away Your Guns

I can guarantee that the people who believe that President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are out to get their guns are viewers of Fox News and only Fox News, so they live in the bubble as Bill Maher would say and that bubble isolates and insulates them away from critical or […]

Orlando Massacre Wasn’t Enough To Spur Senate To Pass Gun Control Bills

Senator Feinstein unfortunately hit the nail on the head putting the responsibility for getting things done back to the voters, if we want smart anti-gun violence laws, we have to vote those who don’t subscribe to the same goal out and vote in those who would legislate a sensible gun control agenda. The Supreme Court […]