Monthly Archives: August 2015

Want To Reduce Illegal Immigration? End The Drug War.

We have to end the drug war, we have to stop interfering in other nascent democracies both across the Atlantic and south of our border and we need to wake up and smell the roses. We, along with Europe, are reaping what we have sown, we, during both the 19th and 20th centuries, shamelessly exploited […]


Many Americans Want Stricter Gun Laws. Will It Matter?

I’ll be the first to admit it, I haven’t a clue as to what we do about our insane problem with gun violence, but it seems incomprehensible to me to simply accept our problem, do nothing and put my head in the sand with my fingers crossed. We do have some pertinent facts to address; […]

A Debt Ceiling Showdown Between Republicans Comes Into Focus

The lunatics are running the asylum, that’s all I can say. We have so much on our plate; climate change, infrastructure deterioration, our highway fund rapidly running out of money, our silly debt ceiling, an issue we desperately need to revisit and do away with, it is just a nuisance, revisiting the Voting Rights Act, […]

Why Trump Could Win the GOP Nomination

I have mixed feelings over Trump the presidential candidate. First however I want to address how I feel about Trump the businessman. I grew up in New York so I am exceedingly familiar with Trump’s history and he is a huge bully, liar and an exploitative, manipulative con artist. I don’t trust anything he says […]

Health Insurance Mergers Make Executives Richer, Policyholders Poorer

I remember very clearly learning in class that in order for capitalism to work there must be competition, without competition the consumer suffers and only the wealthy benefit, over time the economy as whole starts to constrict because there is only so much spending the top sliver can actually do and it is never enough […]

Senate Leaders on Target to Break Obstruction Record

Don’t the people understand, it isn’t enough for the Republican Party to loudly critique and complain about the supposed inefficiencies of government, its supposed unwieldiness and its supposed ineptness, but in order for it to seem real, they must actively sabotage as much as possible otherwise any successes make their complaints seem petty and ridiculous. […]

Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At ‘Greedy’ Koch Brothers

There is something so infinitely satisfying and exciting about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign; he is putting the onus of the challenge not only on himself, but he invites us the people to step up to the plate alongside him. I am prepared to join him and do my part to get him to be […]

Jimmy Carter Reflected On Personal, Presidential Accomplishments In Moving Press Conference

I think that former President Carter had been unfairly judged and far too quickly after his single term in office; speaking of his single term,he called it correctly, if only he had ordered the second helicopter, he would have been re-elected and we would have been spared one of the worst presidencies of modern times, […]

Fox News Hosts Lament How Hard It Is To Be White

I realize it is difficult to understand another’s reality, that is why compassion and empathy are not only useful traits, but necessary traits to have, if one is to contribute in any positive manner to the national conversation we are currently having over the degradation of relations between our judicial system and the African American […]

Court Extends SeaTac’s $15 Minimum Wage To Airport Workers

Voters carried the day, I applaud them for it. I am equally impressed with the state’s Supreme Court for recognizing the degree of unfairness in excluding airport workers from a voter sponsored pay increase. Since when did purchasing power become such a bone of contention? I forget where I read it, but whenever the minimum […]