A Debt Ceiling Showdown Between Republicans Comes Into Focus

The lunatics are running the asylum, that’s all I can say. We have so much on our plate; climate change, infrastructure deterioration, our highway fund rapidly running out of money, our silly debt ceiling, an issue we desperately need to revisit and do away with, it is just a nuisance, revisiting the Voting Rights Act, educational reform and tax code reform, this is only a sampling, the list is very, very long. Instead we have a loud, immature and obnoxious political party acting like a set of toddlers, bent on breaking whatever is in arm’s reach if they don’t get their way. They don’t care that working class, poverty class and middle class people are desperate for some good, responsible governance. Governance that will have an impact on economic and social lives such as reauthorizing the Export/Import Bank to facilitate corporate dealings overseas and create jobs in the process, expanding Voting Rights, making people feel involved in the political process, coming together to do something concrete about the obscene state of affairs our student debt situation has devolved into, examining exactly how universities across the board grew their administrations at the expense of their professorial staff, putting a stop to the lazy process of gerry mandering which does nothing but impede the democratic process and answer the call of millions who have signed petition after petition to completely reject Citizen’s United by adding a constitutional amendment negating the Supreme Court’s ruling. The people would also love to see our government support our growing alternative energy industries, making these solar and wind energy sources more accessible to the average family, another item needing to be addressed would be proper environmental regulations and safeguards, holding polluters accountable for each disaster, instead of socializing the damages, while the malfeasants make bundles privatizing the profits as it is currently being done. I could go on and on, but I am sickened by what I have written knowing that for the next year or so of presidential election politics, our current congress will descend into a brawling dysfunctional mess hurting our democracy more and more with each passing day.
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  1. I agree completely the current congress and senate will only accomplish what it has to to continue in its maddening pace to fiscal oblivion. However we should not forget about the President and his fondness for circumventing congress by using executive authority to institute laws, regulations and treaties that he knows would never be accepted by congress or the people.

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