Many Americans Want Stricter Gun Laws. Will It Matter?

I’ll be the first to admit it, I haven’t a clue as to what we do about our insane problem with gun violence, but it seems incomprehensible to me to simply accept our problem, do nothing and put my head in the sand with my fingers crossed. We do have some pertinent facts to address; there is an interstate black market for guns, we have a mental illness problem in that we don’t have the necessary resources and tools to reach all those in crisis, our gun control laws are a patchwork hodge-podge divided amongst states and we are separated in this debate pretty much between party lines so what are we to do about it? In many cases, the shooter had obtained the gun legally, so there is one item off the list. I would argue that anyone who reaches for a gun as a solution to their anger or depression has a mental illness but how to get them help before the gun has entered their hand? One component not on my list as of yet, is our gun culture which pervades our nation’s history and lore. It is striking that gun violence is accepted far more readily on both the big and small screen before any love scene or nudity, what does that say about us? We would rather shoot it out then kiss and makeup, a fairly sad commentary on our nation’s character. I knew the minute we didn’t do anything collectively about our gun violence problem after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, we would never do anything at all and I haven’t changed my mind because I see nothing and have read nothing pointing to any type of epiphany. It makes me sad to know we will not change on this important issue.
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