Why Trump Could Win the GOP Nomination

I have mixed feelings over Trump the presidential candidate. First however I want to address how I feel about Trump the businessman. I grew up in New York so I am exceedingly familiar with Trump’s history and he is a huge bully, liar and an exploitative, manipulative con artist. I don’t trust anything he says as to the nature of his “fortune” and his “successes”. I remember his battle over Atlantic City’s casino with Merv Griffin, Merv won and Trump had a huge omelette on his face. That being said I am very happy he is in the presidential race because he is forcing so many political points onto the scene that the American people need to hear, in essence he is airing our dirty laundry and it is about time, now what we do with his verbal diarhea is on us. My frustration with America’s fascination of all things Trump is because we are ignoring who is on the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Bernie Sanders, an incredibly intelligent, fiesty and honest, decent man who has for thirty years fought for the working man and the media is not doing their duty in giving him more than a passing shrift of attention, despite the fact that Bernie Sanders is commanding crowds no one else is or has done in a very long time. He speaks to what the American people are struggling with and against and he does it with a firm grasp of the facts and figures, armed as well with specific policy proposals and a 12 point plan of action. Our mainstream media is being negligent in their duties and they should be ashamed of themselves, or perhaps we should be asking ourselves why are they deliberately ignoring Bernie, is it because his campaign is too dangerous to the wealthy and powerful? An important question to ask in my opinion.
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