Senate Leaders on Target to Break Obstruction Record

Don’t the people understand, it isn’t enough for the Republican Party to loudly critique and complain about the supposed inefficiencies of government, its supposed unwieldiness and its supposed ineptness, but in order for it to seem real, they must actively sabotage as much as possible otherwise any successes make their complaints seem petty and ridiculous. I don’t understand for the life of me why republicans want to be in government, they do nothing of value except to thwart and frustrate the will of many, who have taken the time to vote for a functioning government, not some dysfunctional group of recalcitrant saboteurs. Why can’t we lock the congress somewhere, I’m sure the Democratic party won’t mind, until they have confirmed every judicial nominee before them? At least that part of their duties would be finished and they can move over to the next order of business, knowing if they don’t, we will lock them up again until it gets done. We pay their salaries and benefits, we should be able to extract some kind of work from them. I realize the Democrats are being lumped into the mix, but I know they won’t mind if all legislation logged in their schedule gets put to the floor and voted on, that is the real priority. I want a government that works.
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