Bernie Sanders Takes Aim At ‘Greedy’ Koch Brothers

There is something so infinitely satisfying and exciting about the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign; he is putting the onus of the challenge not only on himself, but he invites us the people to step up to the plate alongside him. I am prepared to join him and do my part to get him to be our Democratic presidential nominee and afterwards our next President of the United States. Once that is accomplished, I would love to continue being part of the Bernie Sanders movement, working very hard to get a constitutional amendment passed that would forever change the horrific Citizens United ruling, get dirty money out of our political landscape forever and reconstruct public campaign financing back to the way it should be to make it as incorruptible as possible. Bernie Sanders is right on the money when he states strongly and unequivocally that we need a political revolution right now to reclaim our middle class aspirations and place in our society. It is fundamentally wrong to assume that being wealthy naturally makes you a more credible and superior human being, that is nonsense. The measure of a person is so much more than material wealth, it is compassion, empathy, community and responsibility to oneself and to others. I am sick and tired of the billionaires who are singlehandedly financing their chosen sons, we must put our collective feet down and put a stop to it now.
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