Senate Gives Obama Huge Win On Trade

I am so frustrated that after what seems to be two years of signing petition after petition begging both the House and the Senate to vote against Fast Tracking the TPP and the TPPIP, 13 senate democrats betrayed the working and middle class and voted for it. Moreover to add insult to injury, these turncoats have some insane and misplaced trust that the TAA will be brought up again and will be passed, what universe are these 13 democrats operating from? If I know that the Republican Party as a whole immensely dislike the Trade Adjustment Assistance program, than how do these 13 democratic senators not know it? There is absolutely no reason for the Republican Party to back the TAA, since they already got what they wanted, democratic votes for Fast Track. What I don’t understand is why do we have to have fast track anyway? The TPP and the TPPIP can still be introduced into both chambers of congress, the only difference would be that without Fast Track, congress as a whole can debate and argue for amendments to the process. Fast track only gives the President and his successor the ability to negotiate in peace without worrying whether or not congress will put wrenches in the treaty later on down the road when it comes to signing and fulfilling their part of the process. Our congress, with this vote, essentially abdicated their responsibility towards the American people, they willingly gave up any right to argue and fight for us the workers. I am so angry.

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