Dems Will Torture GOP With Shutdown Politics In Bid To Win Concessions

As I was reading this article, I couldn’t help but feel pessimistic over the Democratic Party’s ability to stand strong and resolute against budget cuts to social programs and spending hikes for the military only, since the recent betrayal over Fast Track is still too fresh. Democrats were very clearly and loudly told by every single grass roots organization, representing a myriad of important interests, that voting yes to Fast Track was a vote against the people; there was no wiggle room in the message for any type of misunderstanding, those 13 democratic senators deliberately voted against the people and threw their support behind Corporate America. How can anyone trust that these same senators will protect working America? I know for a fact that the grass roots organizations that worked so hard for these turncoats will not forget this callous vote. Senator Bernie Sanders has been advocating an expansion for Social Security benefits for the past several weeks, I hope that the rest of the democratic caucus will follow his lead and press for more spending on many fronts to provide some much needed assistance to shore up working and middle class families and let us not forget young people of all stripes, no matter where they are on the socio-economic scale, they desperately need to be the focus of social and economic policy because as of right now there is much to look forward to if TPP and TPPIP get signed in the future. Thanks congress, thanks for nothing. 

read the article:


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